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Nursery incident

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leese Tue 25-Mar-03 18:39:20

Sorry, forgotten who originally posted this - the incident where her ds's head was flushed down the toilet at nursery - remember?

Anyway, have thought a lot about this since reading about it on mumsnet, and was pleased to see it reported in todays Daily Mail - made me feel that a small justice had been done - ie nursery named and shamed.

Whoever posted - how did the Daily Mail get involved? Was it anything to do with the power of mumsnet?!!

crystal1 Fri 28-Mar-03 22:31:01

I am so pleased that people have seen it in the daiily mail...
It was actually in the sun the day before and the daily mail turned up on my doorstep on tuesday!!
It was also featured in two of the local papers..

I have been told by my solicitor that I dont Have a Case!!
However over the past few days I have recieved new information that could really add fuel to the fire ...
The thread was in other subjects under problems with nursery...

Clarinet60 Sat 29-Mar-03 18:36:24

No case? Is the man/woman mad?

tigermoth Sun 30-Mar-03 11:13:31

Is it one of those situations when it's one person's word against the other? Is that why the solicitor says you don't have a case?

Having read your postings on the other thread, it sounds like lots of people were reversing their stories and the nursery is covering up.

I am so glad for you that the nursery has been named and shamed in the press. It must have been what the nursery was dreading. From their point of view it is almost as bad as being found guilty of mismanagement, neglect etc.

How many parents reading those articles will now want to send their child to this establishment? And, what about the parents of children who are presently there? I wonder how many of them will pull their child out of the place? If you can't trust the honestly of the nursery staff, thare's a major problem with the nursery. I'd hazard a guess than this nursery might be forced to close down now, or change its management.

I know others on the previous thread advised you to talk to other parents with children in the nursery. Now the articles have appeared, I'd think that many parents would want to speak to you, if they haven't already done so. Can you get a message across to them somehow?

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