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Sensitive news story

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ElfOnTheTopShelf Sat 10-Jan-09 16:49:20

but also strikes me as a miracle that in the weather conditions today, the baby is okay here after being found abandonded, its bloody freezing!

I hope the mother is okay.

bronze Sat 10-Jan-09 16:52:50

And to think of what they say about teenagers...

how could anyone.I can kind of well cant really but understand the fear that makes you dump your baby but not somewhere like that. You do it in a public place where its warm.

IllegallyBrunette Sat 10-Jan-09 16:53:58

Poor baby.

Well done to the lads that found her.

nancy75 Sat 10-Jan-09 16:54:47

bronze i agree, leave baby on a bench in a shopping centre or in a hospital doorway, not in a bush.

whoingodsnameami Sat 10-Jan-09 17:03:12

sad who knows what state the mother was/is in, perhaps she thought it was a school day and baby would be found soon enough.

LiffeyOink Sat 10-Jan-09 17:09:06

thank goodness they found her.

Mother probably about 14, with post traumatic stress.

giraffescantdancethetango Sat 10-Jan-09 17:11:44

Well done to those boys. That gave me shivers and teary eyes to read.

mamadiva Sat 10-Jan-09 17:21:50

Glad the baby was found safe in the end.

Hope the mother is found as I think to do that you would need some serious help, hope she is okay!

ElfOnTheTopShelf Sat 10-Jan-09 17:22:18

Well done to the boys who took the baby to the hospital

catinthehat1 Sat 10-Jan-09 17:34:19

To be blunt, I doubt the mother did that on the facts in that report. If you didn't fancy hanging on to a little baby girl, yes, a school playing field on a freezing weekend is a great place to get rid, dead by first PE lesson on Monday. Fantastic. I should think the poor mother is in a hell of a state.

27 Sat 10-Jan-09 19:47:01

Apparently the baby was covered with twigs sad
Poor mother and baby, hopefully things work out OK for them both.

TheNinkynork Sat 10-Jan-09 22:04:17

That could have been me as a baby but for The Crusade of Rescue. At least some deserving couple are about to have their dream come true.

27 Sat 10-Jan-09 22:05:44

hmm hopefully the mum will come forward and maybe be able in time to look after her baby.

Heated Sat 10-Jan-09 22:05:52

What do you mean Ninky?

sfxmum Sat 10-Jan-09 22:16:49

I read this story earlier and some of the details given seemed odd for want of a better word. A 3hr old baby wrapped in blanket in an out of the way school field is, in a very cold day could not have been left there long and survive, she is then found by a couple who are 16yrs old
honestly I bet they will turn out to be the parents and just made up the story not knowing how to deal with the situation, poor kids all around hope they are all ok.

of course I may well be wrong

sfxmum Sat 10-Jan-09 22:18:23

see that report says a group of boys the story I read earlier said a couple, boy girl both 16

27 Sat 10-Jan-09 22:19:11

I did wonder if the mum might be very young, to leave the baby in a school playing field. I think I like your idea better sfxmum.

TheNinkynork Sat 10-Jan-09 22:21:54

Heated I was born to a very young mother, good Catholic family and adopted at three months thanks to that organisation.

giraffescantdancethetango Sat 10-Jan-09 23:51:54

link Hope the mother can get some help whatever her circumstances.

Heated Sun 11-Jan-09 08:49:51

Thanks for replying Ninky, I've never heard of the Crusade of Rescue before.

sfxmum Sun 11-Jan-09 08:53:13

the mother just came forward hope all is well

sfxmum Sun 11-Jan-09 08:53:59

oops but still gladsmile

AnAngelWithin Sun 11-Jan-09 09:14:03

mother found here

AnAngelWithin Sun 11-Jan-09 09:14:25

sorry xposted blush

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