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The more shite articles I read (mostly bunting/cupcake/returning to work 30 mins after having triplets) in papers and magazines, the more I feel that postings on MN offer a far more interesting and intelliegent read.

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moondog Sat 10-Jan-09 14:26:42

Newspapers will still do me for the news but for comment?
MN wins hands down.

So f-f-f-f-f-fade away Frogspawn,Millard,Jardine, Lee Potter et al.

(Althoguh have feeling last one is dead so she already has.)

LurkerOfTheUniverse Sat 10-Jan-09 14:30:57

what is the point of newspapers? they should be obsolete now

moondog Sat 10-Jan-09 14:33:14

Oh noo, I love a newspaper me.

ilovelovemydog Sat 10-Jan-09 14:34:43

Thought Lee Potter was dead?

moondog Sat 10-Jan-09 14:35:14

Yes, I realised that.
<refrains from tasteless joke>

Hassled Sat 10-Jan-09 14:36:46

Newspapers serve a valuable purpose in depressing the hell out of me. Have just read a feature in the Guardian about how new graduates are basically stuffed re finding employment and that it will only get worse. 2 of my DCs are at University. Glad that was money well spent, then.

LurkerOfTheUniverse Sat 10-Jan-09 14:36:51

i buy a paper every weekend, read the magazine then chuck the rest in the recycling

ilovelovemydog Sat 10-Jan-09 14:36:53

<understands tasteless joke> smile

moondog Sat 10-Jan-09 14:37:40

Right, am off to gym to shake ma ass.
Am expecting a plethora of curmudgeonly comments (from those with nowt better to do).

ilovelovemydog Sat 10-Jan-09 14:39:24

Ha - went to gym this morning

LurkerOfTheUniverse Sat 10-Jan-09 14:43:20

see no-one has commented on the level of interesting & intelligent comment to be found on MN

Hassled Sat 10-Jan-09 14:44:57

I haven't even left the house yet today blush. But panic not, because I have built a thriving ancient Chinese city, fought off invaders and established new trading routes, all with the help of DS3 and my trusty laptop.

And I've read the Guardian.

moondog Sat 10-Jan-09 18:04:16

Excellent Hassled.

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