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Well, forgive me if my heart doesn't bleed for all the parents having to cut back on school fees...

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WilfSell Fri 09-Jan-09 13:41:07

because they can't afford them any more or for the independent schools having to close.

I do, on the other hand, feel immensely sad for the poor kids who will have to be moved about, and the kids in state schools who'll no doubt have to suffer even bigger classes, and the teachers who are going to have to accommodate lots of sad, sulky kids with high expectations.

MadamAnt Fri 09-Jan-09 13:42:08

I agree.

[uncontroversial thread emoticon] wink

justneedsomesleep Fri 09-Jan-09 13:43:52

agree wholeheartedly!
Although recently I have found my diamonds too big and cann't decide which vintage champagne to drink....grin

newpup Fri 09-Jan-09 13:52:37

Wilfsell. Shouldn't all children regardless of background be entitled to 'high expectations'?

WilfSell Fri 09-Jan-09 13:53:44

Of course! That's why state schools need better funding.

georgimama Fri 09-Jan-09 13:55:01

Presumably Wilf the children would have had to suffer bigger classes anyway if those privately educated children had been in the state system to start with.

There seems to be a contradiction between your title and your claim that you do feel sorry for the disruption the children will suffer. Do you feel sorry for these children or not?

Penthesileia Fri 09-Jan-09 13:55:24

Wilf - are you looking for a fight this fine afternoon? grin The tv is awful.

<sits back and waits>

georgimama Fri 09-Jan-09 13:55:47

Well now they will get it - those extra children bring the funding the LEA will have to provide to the schools which take them. You should be pleased.

OrmIrian Fri 09-Jan-09 13:56:18

The OP didn't feel sorry for the parents georgie.

TheCrackFox Fri 09-Jan-09 13:56:35

I read somewhere that school fees increased by 40% over the past 5 years. Maybe some of these schools could reduce their prices?

It is a shame for the children involved but far worse things can happen in life and they should adapt quite quickly.

I went to a "bog standard comp" and so are my DCs.

OrmIrian Fri 09-Jan-09 13:57:01

Is a bit of a blue touch paper will. I think I will retire.

WilfSell Fri 09-Jan-09 13:58:07

TV? shock

I'm at work don't you know. Erm, MNing between cups of tea and, er, internet searching things...

I do feel sorry for the kids. I don't feel sorry for the parents. They are the ones who made the decision.

Hmm. Yes. Extra funding per student. But it won't really be enough will it?

WilfSell Fri 09-Jan-09 13:59:18

I know Orm...


MrsArchieTheInventor Fri 09-Jan-09 14:00:40

Nothing like a nice uncontroversial topic to lead us gently into the weekend... grin

AmIOdetteOrOdile Fri 09-Jan-09 14:02:21

Surely all this will mean is that more children will be refused places at the local state schools? Schools aren't going to creat an extra class overnight. If there are 10 extra pupils trying to get into a class then someone is going to miss out.

Can't see how it's something to crow about to honest.....

georgimama Fri 09-Jan-09 14:02:21

Well presumably the parents are upset because they think their children will suffer. I am struggling to see the difference.

Penthesileia Fri 09-Jan-09 14:04:16

<thread hijack>

Oh, sorry. grin We lazy beeyatches hard-working souls on ML are stuck with awful daytime tv. I was under the impression that the Beeb might put on more of a good show once I was actually at home during the day to watch it. What's my licence fee for, anyway?

</ends hijack>

georgimama Fri 09-Jan-09 14:05:28

So if you acknowledge the extra funding won't be enough, presumably it would be better for everyone if the parents could afford for their children to stay at private school. And crowing about it is both mean, and stupid because what you are actually crowing about is greater strain being placed on the limited resources of state schools?

Just trying to understand your position which frankly makes no sense other than in a "oh ha ha, all those rich nobs, now they'll get theirs, beloved Tarquin will have to mix with the hoi poloi" way. I understand that is the conventional view of private education on MN, just surprised we need another thread on it.

francagoestohollywood Fri 09-Jan-09 14:05:57

Oh god Wilf what have you done???
(I'm envy of your work station, btw)

goingslowlyroundthebend Fri 09-Jan-09 14:07:23

Yawn yawn, chip chip

francagoestohollywood Fri 09-Jan-09 14:07:32

Penthe, is "Escape to the country" still on? (so many memories...)

Penthesileia Fri 09-Jan-09 14:10:51

Not as far as I'm aware. hmm... It seems to be such credit-crunch related fare as "Cash in the Attic" and "Homes under the Hammer".

God, it's all so British, no?

Still, I know from experience that were I in Italy it would be ladies with tassles on their nips, so not that much of an improvement...


<wonders where this thread will have got to by the time I post this...>

Penthesileia Fri 09-Jan-09 14:11:24

Hey - nowhere! No-one's taking Wilf's bait!

MrsArchieTheInventor Fri 09-Jan-09 14:12:18

Wilf - this topic is so boring and uncontroversial it should be put in the same category as "Fruit Shoots - I wouldn't give my kids anything else to drink" and "Epidurals are only for wimps".


francagoestohollywood Fri 09-Jan-09 14:15:32

Very quiet Penthe, we can keep talking tv...
I hated Cash in the Attic.
Yes, Italian tv is unwatchable (at this time of the day there are lots of programmes with c list celebrities, usually from reality shows, discussing major topics like Divorce, Having a baby at 40, Cheating and Alternatives to cosmetic surgery hmm) It makes me miss Cash in the Attic.

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