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Mary, mother of God, how does it get any more smug and up its own arse than Cassandra Jardine interviewing 'super PR' Julia Frogspawn in Torygraph on the 'work life balance' (in other words, flogging a book full of glaringly obvious shit to numpties)

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moondog Tue 06-Jan-09 13:55:45

Enjoy in a sick sorta way

NomDePlume Tue 06-Jan-09 13:56:26

I have no idea what this thread is about but I fucking love the title

moondog Tue 06-Jan-09 13:57:46

We have had loads of outraged discussions about smug women telling other women how to 'juggle'

F-f-f-f-uck off I tell ya (in manner of Father Ted's mate)

Iklboo Tue 06-Jan-09 13:59:00

Ooh get off the fence sweetie - why not tell us how you really feel wink grin

moondog Tue 06-Jan-09 13:59:57

Picture of her taken in Wales too so must have been swanning around near me!

F-f--f-f-f-uck off back to London y'hear!

<really must do some work>

Hassled Tue 06-Jan-09 14:01:16

"A manicurist comes to her house so she can see the children while having her nails gelled."

That really is the biggest problem facing working mothers, isn't it hmm? So glad she's managed to find a way around this potential clash of vital appointments.

MrsBadger Tue 06-Jan-09 14:01:31

[reaches for bucket]

smallorange Tue 06-Jan-09 14:02:26

I don't get it. Her husband is at home caring for the children full time. She is at work. Fair enough. Where does the 'juggling' come in?
It's not like she's waiting for her husband to get home from his day shift so she can work a back shift and trying ti get the kids fed/bathed/and in bed while handing over to hubby?

moondog Tue 06-Jan-09 14:02:49

If I had manicurists and wotnot coming to t'house I'd look a helluva lot better than that.

<gratuitous bitch>

<reaches for car keys>

NomDePlume Tue 06-Jan-09 14:03:38

" As for her husband, she feels bad that he dislikes attending social events because after a day at home he has nothing to talk about, but what can she do about it? "

TRANSLATION - She couldn't give a shit what her DH thinks/feels

breadandroses Tue 06-Jan-09 14:04:26

Eric Hobsbawm must be fucking weeping with shame.

NomDePlume Tue 06-Jan-09 14:04:54

"A manicurist comes to her house so she can see the children while having her nails gelled."

Ok, if she's such an uberchic, groomed superwoman goddess why does she look like a ruddy faced hippy on the photo ?

breadandroses Tue 06-Jan-09 14:05:11

Actually, isn't this shite exactly what you can expect from the Telegraph?

Iklboo Tue 06-Jan-09 14:07:11

Can imagine her bawling to her poor DH "Have the children dressed and brought before me while I am pampered like the Queen of Sheba. And peel me an orgasm while you're at it"

TippytheTipsyTurkeychick Tue 06-Jan-09 14:07:38

tee hee, isn't she a horror! Imagine the inconvenience of having a parent's evening in the evening, once EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Of course she couldn't attend. Note she wouldn't meet the journo at Chez Frogspawn, am not surprised. It's either hock deep in takeaway containers or full of staff and boarding school brochures grin.
If she is getting a weekly manicure she's been had, they look fairly average in the pic.

foxytocin Tue 06-Jan-09 14:09:55

rubbish, innit.

ShauntheSheep Tue 06-Jan-09 14:12:48

gosh poor women My heart bleeds Its so tough havign to juggle kids and the manicurist esp as she ONLY has hubby to rely on at home who insists on doing all the housework. hmm and of course softplay si such a bondign experience too.

what a wierd article.

TheCrackFox Tue 06-Jan-09 14:13:36

If she is so good at juggling why does she not know how to work a hair-brush?

Why is there never a book about ambling through life? Why is always about the bloody juggling?

MrsBadger Tue 06-Jan-09 14:14:47

for ambling try Libby Purves

very good

SixSpot Tue 06-Jan-09 14:15:17

"As for her husband, she feels bad that he dislikes attending social events because after a day at home he has nothing to talk about, but what can she do about it?"

What an unbelievable sentence. Poor guy.

lalalonglegs Tue 06-Jan-09 14:19:55

Lay off CJ, she's a nice woman. It's not her fault she gets commanded to write this sort of eyewash.

PuppyMonkey Tue 06-Jan-09 14:25:29

"She wants to be the perfect mother, never missing a child's assembly, but also a major player in public life. She wants to look immaculate and earn lots of money, while being a relaxed, cosy mummy who won't in years to come be accused by screwball children of having neglected them."

I just wanted to say hmm to that. Thanks

Mooseheart Tue 06-Jan-09 14:25:38

Yep, you're not alone in your disgust Moondog!


PortBlacksandResident Tue 06-Jan-09 14:25:49

LOLLOLLOL at "carving 150 hours out of her schedule"


choosyfloosy Tue 06-Jan-09 14:25:57

I think she looks nice (though not particularly manicured - perhaps that's a good thing).

I do admire her for having avoided allowing the journalist to take the angle that the only form of household that 'works' is one where one partner is at home full time (Note: this is NOT my opinion, it is a statement about the kind of angle I expect from many papers).

It is not a pleasant article otherwise. Glad I don't read this paper.

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