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sarahinphuket Mon 28-Mar-05 18:44:15

Its sarahu here 0 can't post under that name cos have been disconnected!

Oh my god. There has just been another big earthquake in Sumatra- around 8.2-8.5 magnitude. The one on Boxing Day was 9.0. I was sitting in bed reading and I felt it, so came out to check on the internet (I also felt the one on Boxing Day). Am now very scared that another tsunami is heading towards Phuket.
Managed to summon DH home from drinking near the beach and he reckons that the beach areas are already evacuated.

Please all keep your fingers crossed.

lou33 Mon 28-Mar-05 18:46:31

Sarah I just found out myself, am so glad you have posted. Beety's dh is in kuala lumpur atm as well. I can't believe it is happening again, please keep in touch and let me know you are ok.

TinyGang Mon 28-Mar-05 18:48:07

Oh my God...
Take care x

sarahinphuket Mon 28-Mar-05 18:49:07

lou I can't believe it; let's just hope that it's not the same as last time. no one could cope with that again. no one.

i'm going to attempt to sleep now - will keep in touch via email. am supposed to be off MN remember, but had to post about this!

lou33 Mon 28-Mar-05 18:54:03

please do, i will post on your behalf if you want. You beat me to it, i was just about to start a thread myself. Stay safe x

essbee Mon 28-Mar-05 19:00:41

Message withdrawn

Demented Mon 28-Mar-05 19:02:53

essbee Mon 28-Mar-05 19:28:20

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 28-Mar-05 19:39:12

have just sent a text to a friend in phuket to see if he and anyone else we know are safe

CountessDracula Mon 28-Mar-05 19:51:45

oh no

SeaShells Mon 28-Mar-05 19:52:43

This is so sad

Hulababy Mon 28-Mar-05 20:10:44

Just seen this on the news. Thinking of everyone.

sarahinphuket Tue 29-Mar-05 00:43:38

Well its now 6.40am and as far as I know, no tsunami has hit. Several people have texted me and all seems to be friends who are in BKK at the moment felt the quake.

Another friend has said that people were running for the hills here in Phuket.

Lou I hope that Los and Kobi & co are OK? Do you know where they went? I'm sure that most folk took themselves as far away from the beach as possible. I expect that the bridge from Phuket to the mainland was pretty full of people trying to leave the island.

I cannot begin to imagine what the poor people in SUmatra must have been feeling. From what I just saw on BBC website, around 300 thought to have died at/near epicentre.

there is another big faultline that goes right under Phuket. Apparently it had been dormant for a long time before the boxing day quake......but now there are fears that it has been reactivated. Yesterday's quake was apparently an aftershock from the big one. Let's hope that the faultline under Phuket goes back to sleep.

They were saying on CNN last night that there is a HUGE difference between 8 and 9 magnitude - something like a factor of 33 times more energy in a 9 one (it's a logarithmic scale apparently) so that is a LOT stronger.

OK off to feed DD and then do some study.

Take care. You just never know what is coming.

kid Tue 29-Mar-05 08:29:43

Glad to hear you are ok sarah, It must have been an awful reminder for all those poor people that were caught up in the disaster of the first earth quake.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

pixiefish Tue 29-Mar-05 08:55:04

Glad you're ok sarah...

lou33 Tue 29-Mar-05 14:54:28

thanks for posting sarah, am so glad you are safe. I haven't heard from lhos at all, and dh wouldn't be happy calling him after finding out what lhos tried on my last night there! I texted eddy (did you meet him?) but haqve had no reply.

I think thailand have reduced the alert for tsunami likelihood now, so hopefully it wqon't happen. Thinking of you though x

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