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Crowded House drummer found dead [sad]

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mummytosteven Mon 28-Mar-05 11:03:04

very sad

Hulababy Mon 28-Mar-05 11:04:41

How sad

Spacecadet Mon 28-Mar-05 11:54:23

oh no I always liked crowded house.

Tinker Mon 28-Mar-05 11:56:22

Oh, found this really sad. Saw them live quite a few times in 80's/90's

jampots Mon 28-Mar-05 12:04:24

serenity Tue 29-Mar-05 12:00:17

I was going to do a post about this, but I'm glad someone got there before me.

I discovered Crowded House at a very turbulent time in my life and used them alot as a way of getting through things (to say they are not exactly representative of my music taste is an understatement - me and bf were the only goths in a sea of brinylon poloshirts when we saw them at Wembley ) I was shocked to hear of Paul's suicide although I was aware that he had suffered from clinical depression for a very long time. I know it's unlikely that that they get it but I just want to extend my condolences and best wishes to his family, especially to his daughters as I cannot fathom the pain they must be going in through now.

Other MNers might not be aware that they did 'know' him - he appeared on the Wiggles as 'Chef Paul' a number of times

JoolsToo Tue 29-Mar-05 12:03:22

One of my all time favourite groups - so sad to hear Paul Hester hanged himself at age 46 he's had problems with depression but I don't think anyone was expecting this. He'll be missed.

By coincidence Finn Brothers were in concert on Channel 4 last night at 12.10 am.

mummytosteven Tue 29-Mar-05 12:03:28

i hadn't been aware that PH had problems with depression. Like you Serenity, Crowded House's music had been with me for several years (through the thick and thin of the adolescent years), and the band in general came over as very pleasant and down to earth at concerts, and in interviews etc.

JoolsToo Tue 29-Mar-05 12:05:08

Also saw them in concert 3 times - absolute magic - was gutted when they disbanded!

serenity Tue 29-Mar-05 12:13:09

Dh put the Finn concert on for me, which was very sweet as usually the only place I can listen to CH/Finn is alone in the car. DH doesn't get why I like them, and goes round saying 'but, why?!' if he hears them.

JoolsToo Tue 29-Mar-05 12:15:55

why? great words, great melodies, great harmonies

serenity Tue 29-Mar-05 12:23:17

a, He can't get over the idea that they are MOR, whereas I see them as a Kiwi REM.

b, he's a music snob

snafu Tue 29-Mar-05 12:26:03

I'm a music snob too but I love CH Brilliant songwriters and, even though they're not my usual cup of tea, they have lovely memories for me.

piffle Tue 29-Mar-05 12:43:30

no that is terrible news
Being a Kiwi Tim and Neil Finn were something I knew from first hearing the radio.
When Split Enz parted in I was gutted and was lucky enough to win tickets to the break up party where I got to meet both Finns and Paul Hester.
The first CH album came out as I left school (really grieving my parents)I bought a tape with my first ever paypacket, it saw me through a rape and depression and I still have that tape.
This is truly truly sad news. Blessings to his family and close friends too xx

lilibet Tue 29-Mar-05 13:12:20

It is really sad. Dh is a big Crowded House and Finns fan and was very upset when, yesterday morning someone ont he radio referred to him as Peter

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