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Facebook ban breastfeeding pictures

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sherby Tue 30-Dec-08 13:29:23

given some of the photos I have seen on facebook this seems very strange

Will the ignorance never end?

MoreSpamThanGlam Tue 30-Dec-08 13:31:44

What a load of ridiculous shite

meemar Tue 30-Dec-08 13:34:18

It's so pathetic.

They say "The photos we act upon are almost exclusively brought to our attention by other users who complain."

Why don't they just tell those other users to get a life?

DECKmuppetWITHBOUGHSOFHOLLY Tue 30-Dec-08 13:39:50

Ofgs so half naked women in soft porn poses (with 10 years out of date photos) is entirely fine yet women breast feeding isn't????

Flihgtattendant Tue 30-Dec-08 13:43:57

Does anyone think it's time we left fb en masse? I for one have no wish to be part of such a blinkered, ignorant site. But then I never use it much anyway!

sherby Tue 30-Dec-08 13:48:02

DECK that is so true

SoupDragon Tue 30-Dec-08 13:50:52

"Photos containing a fully exposed breast - as defined by showing the nipple or areola - do violate those terms on obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit material and may be removed,"

Presumably they are only removing photos that violate that part of their T&C and not ones where you can see no nipple/areola.

Meglet Tue 30-Dec-08 14:44:57

i deliberately stuck a bf one on there, but you can't see my breast in it. But it was my mini-protest at their stance.

SummatAnNowt Tue 30-Dec-08 14:47:06

So all of the boob is okay but a nipple or bit of brown makes the whole breast obscene when previously it wasn't?!? Are people mental!?!

And just that breastfeeding comes under "obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit material"

AuntieMaggie Tue 30-Dec-08 14:51:18

So glad with that this ridiculous ban made the news - there were a couple of mums on here that had warnings over their photos weren't there? One I saw was in now way obscene and could see no nipple!

So if their photo privacy settings are set to only friends being able to see them who is complaining?

SnowOfHands Tue 30-Dec-08 14:51:23

I've been a member of the group challenging this on fb for a looooong time. There's a pic of me bfing on fb. My hat I'm sporting is more offensive than the nature of feeding tbh.

JulesJules Tue 30-Dec-08 16:43:37

Why, is your hat covered in nipples, Snow? grin

I particularly like facebook defending themselves with "It's important the site is safe and secure for children" WTF do they imagine bf does?

SummatAnNowt Tue 30-Dec-08 16:53:10

I guess they have tiny little baby masks to cover the innocent eyes of the child while the nipple is in it's mouth!

MascaraOHara Tue 30-Dec-08 17:00:12

IS there a FB gtoup to overturn the decision?

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Tue 30-Dec-08 17:00:51

My profile pic is of me bfing! Wasn't being controversial, it's just a nice pic of me (and a true representation as I've probably spent more time over the past few years with a baby on my boob than not!)

belgo Tue 30-Dec-08 17:01:50

I've already left facebook for those and other reasons FA.

Flihgtattendant Tue 30-Dec-08 17:07:51

It's a bit poor really isn't it Belgo.

I already left one time then rejoined to find someone I wanted to contact.
I don't go on it at all now, really. I think my friends have got pissed off with my lack of 'status updates'!!

TinselBaublesMistletoe Tue 30-Dec-08 17:17:27

Petition group

SOH, are you a regular on the group?

Soup, there are a lot of pictures that have been taken down and they're not showing anything at all, it's only from the angle of the baby etc that you know what's happening.

The main problem is the inconsitency. They allow adverts with soft porn pictures, groups and applications that are pornographic and their terms don't explicitly state that they apply to women so why are they allowing pictures of barechested men?

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Tue 30-Dec-08 17:45:06

Oh jeezum, didn't this come up last year??
I joined that petition group at that time - can't believe they're still being arses about it.

I think I'll de-reg and tell them why. It's dull as buggery anyway - makes me feel as though I'm trying to be adolescent again wink

RockinSockBunnies Tue 30-Dec-08 17:55:19

Aaagghh! Has anyone seen the inane comments made by people in the light of the Facebook row? Check out the 16.44 comment by 'Sam' on the AlphaMummy Blog "here"
Apparently breastfeeding is dangerous and formula far superior angry.

TinselBaublesMistletoe Tue 30-Dec-08 17:55:31

It's come up again because there has been an IRL nurse-in at FBHQ and an online nurse-in with people changing their profile pics and status messages.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 30-Dec-08 19:42:08

Hopefully Darwinian selection will do away with Sam in due time RockinSockbunnies! angry

I dunno, I wouldn't put breastfeeding pics up on FB because I have had enough of my MiL gawping at my tits but I disagree with preventing others who wish to doing so.

Facebook is becoming turgid and so rigidly up itself - letting racist, homophobic and sexist groups start up but then shooting down photo albums which probably can only be seen by the person's friends and frankly if your mates are offended they can defriend you and not look angry

whomovedmychocolate Tue 30-Dec-08 19:43:01

BTW - folks, there is a sneaky way round this policy - if you use the photobox interface to link to photos then they are hosted elsewhere and FB can't remove them from Photoboxes servers without notice. wink

randomxmas Tue 30-Dec-08 19:45:05

I can't see how it's possible to confuse bf with pornographic images. How can people be so stupid?

TinselBaublesMistletoe Tue 30-Dec-08 19:51:20

whomoved there have been loads removed from private albums, a lot of members of the petition only joined and posted their pictures to the group when they had their private pictures removed. I would be very angry if a friend of mine reported my breastfeeding picture.

randomxmas, I think the people who find them pornographic are more concerning, what does it say about that person?

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