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disruption in schools linked to overtesting -BBC News item

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FIMAC1 Sun 27-Mar-05 14:46:34

Don't know whether its just me, but I can't get the child's drawing from this BBC article out of my mind - it is just the SWEETEST think I have ever seen! - imagine the testers response - they must have been touched, if not they have a heart of stone

misdee Sun 27-Mar-05 14:47:58

that picture is excellant

Twiglett Sun 27-Mar-05 14:50:00


Potty1 Sun 27-Mar-05 15:24:45

Bet he didn't get a mark though FIMAC

We are in the middle of SATs year for both ds2 and dd and I'm sick of it.

Dd has brought home a practice mental maths tape this holiday, she has sat and done it this morning, (I didn't want her to) and now she's gutted because she only got 17/20. I hate the system for putting her under so much pressure, and TBH I am annoyed that her current Y6 teacher does not seem able to make this year enjoyable. That's not a dig at all teachers because she has had some fantastic ones in the past its just that this chap seems to focus on the testing to the exclusion of all else.

FIMAC1 Sun 27-Mar-05 15:29:11

I refuse to let either of mine revise for the SATS - luckily their school does not ask them to. If they do make them revise its not really a true reflection of the teachers abilities?

Potty1 Sun 27-Mar-05 15:33:52

I agree, ds2 hasn't been asked to revise particularly.

I think dd's teacher is concerned that his amount of 'actual teaching' is going to show. He seems to leave them to their own devices alot during school time and relies on homework to keep up. Some of the parents are employing tutors they're so worried about it - that can't be good news for anyone.

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