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Another sad NHS story here

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tortoiseshell Tue 22-Mar-05 14:39:41


laneydaye Tue 22-Mar-05 14:40:37


expatinscotland Tue 22-Mar-05 14:42:13

It's not just the NHS that is having major probs w/the superbug. When I was at uni, of my lecturers' husband died of it in a world-renowed hospital in the US following treatment for a heart attack.

lunavix Tue 22-Mar-05 14:42:59

I remember reading somewhere that when people go into hospital for any reasons, others are praying for them just to come out alive. SO true.

MistressMary Tue 22-Mar-05 14:43:05

NHS. FGS someone put this service right and get our hospitals cleaned up.
Tragic story.

expatinscotland Tue 22-Mar-05 14:47:13

This is NOT just an NHS problem, folks. This is a major problem in N. American hospitals as well.

whimsy Tue 22-Mar-05 14:48:16

Tragic. So sad

dyzzidi Tue 22-Mar-05 14:51:53

I am worried about MRSA as I am about to have major surgery.

But have to say I have been in Hope hospital at Mch on the Gynae ward many times and found each time it was immaculate. yet most of the vistors did not wash hand upon entering and leaving ward even though there were signs everywhere asking them to do so.

I agree something needs doing but there are small measures everyone can do to help out.

edam Tue 22-Mar-05 14:52:53

It's a tragic story but it isn't necessarily caused by dirty hospitals. Most of us carry MRSA in our bodies - often in our noses - so I imagine he could have become infected during birth, sadly. I'm shocked no-one picked up septicaemia, though.

Dirty hospitals are obviously a bad thing but MRSA is spread to patients by doctors, nurses and visitors not washing their hands. Have you seen how many visitors don't use the handscrub at the entrance to maternity wards? If you are ever in hospital, make sure any health professional touching you washes their hands first - and your visitors should do the same too.

MissChief Tue 22-Mar-05 14:55:27

it's all our responsibility too - so many of the millions of daily NHS visitors come into hospitals, sit on the bed, eat their own food next to pts, don't wash hands before & after visit etc.

suedonim Tue 22-Mar-05 15:11:43

This individual story is indeed tragic but MRSA is everywhere now. My ds2 works in an Intensive Care Unit where they have no MRSA (in fact the entire hosp is MRSA-free) but they do have patients who come in from the community already carrying MRSA. Such patients are nursed in a lead-lined room. I must admit, when I went to see a new mum in a Mat Unit recently I was amamzed to note that I was the only visitor on the entire ward who washed her hands before touching the baby. Surely that's basic hygiene??

Anchovy Tue 22-Mar-05 15:45:34

When I was in hospital with both of my DCs the whole hospital was evangelical about handwashing. Every single person who came into see me or the baby (other than food delivery, who didn't touch either of us) washed their hands first thing and afterwards as well. Whole room was scrubbed every day, to the extent of taking off all bedding and swabbing down the mattress. It was a lot cleaner than home!

misdee Tue 22-Mar-05 15:50:17

always use the alcohol gel provided. hate the stuff, leaves my hands cracked and sore but have to do it.

Reethi Tue 22-Mar-05 15:58:46

When I had my ds in hospital I had to stay in hospital for ante natal care before I had him. The hospital was filthy, the sheets on my bed were stained with excrement, the cleaners only cleaned areas directly in front of them. I worked at the same hospital years before when it was common to have cockroach infestations, also I once saw uncovered raw meat left outside on a boiling hot day.

lockets Tue 22-Mar-05 16:19:54

Message withdrawn

tortoiseshell Tue 22-Mar-05 16:21:24

Sorry lockets - didn't mean to make anyone sad.

lockets Tue 22-Mar-05 16:27:03

Message withdrawn

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