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How did Charlotte Church manage that?

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Mosschops30 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:10:13

Message withdrawn

Socci Mon 21-Mar-05 21:10:56

Message withdrawn

paolosgirl Mon 21-Mar-05 21:11:29

It must be her fine set of welsh lungs!!!!!!!

MrsDoolittle Mon 21-Mar-05 21:11:31

Because he hasn't met me yet!!

Merlin Mon 21-Mar-05 21:11:50

rugby player?

Mosschops30 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:12:15

Message withdrawn

Socci Mon 21-Mar-05 21:15:22

Message withdrawn

Mosschops30 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:16:40

Message withdrawn

jampots Mon 21-Mar-05 21:18:43


JanH Mon 21-Mar-05 21:19:46

Nooooo, he's awful - she has no taste in men at all!

LGJ Mon 21-Mar-05 21:20:05

Would look better with some Irish studs on it!!

paolosgirl Mon 21-Mar-05 21:21:30

What's with the hair!!!! Think it's a case of best of a bad bunch...

Mosschops30 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:23:21

Message withdrawn

Mosschops30 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:24:52

Message withdrawn

Carla Mon 21-Mar-05 21:28:09

Looks like a girl.

Socci Mon 21-Mar-05 21:29:59

Message withdrawn

alux Mon 21-Mar-05 21:30:47

I think Ronan O'Gara is cuter.

LGJ Mon 21-Mar-05 21:31:33

At the risk of sounding like my mother at least he is respectable looking and earns an honest living .....................Go away mother I am only young

sparklymieow Mon 21-Mar-05 21:40:19

she jumps from one relationship to the next, does she have no self repect!!??

LGJ Mon 21-Mar-05 21:41:41


Do you sound like your mother now ???

sparklymieow Mon 21-Mar-05 21:42:12

oh yes!! I am 26 and turning into my mum!!! lol

JanH Mon 21-Mar-05 21:43:02

According to the Daily Mail, Charlotte's mum says

<<"As far as Gavin goes I'm over the moon," she said as the couple confirmed they were an item following Wales's Grand Slam victory at the weekend. "He's a lovely boy, so polite and nice.

"He's as good as gold and as tall and gorgeous in real life as he looks in pictures. He's so polite and ambitious.">>

That should stop it getting much further I'd have thought

LGJ Mon 21-Mar-05 21:43:35


yoyo Mon 21-Mar-05 22:08:18

This would have been my dream in the eighties and would have met with all my family's approval too!

JanH Mon 21-Mar-05 23:50:14

Why were they snogging in the loo? (Scroll down...)

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