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Jimjams Tue 11-Mar-03 16:02:01

Well you all know my views on the subject (or I'm sure you can guess).
Always said the drs don't see my autistic ds1 as quite human.......

I don't think the links allow ,, but cut and paste to see the story....,3604,911774,00.html

susanmt Tue 11-Mar-03 16:51:44

What a horrendous situation to have to go to court about. And a wonderful thing it has been ovveruled. Funny how my autistic brother can cope with injecting himself with insulin for diabetes and this boy can undergo dialysis, but autistic people can't cope with a transplant. The medical profession have, in general a lot to learn!

Jimjams Tue 11-Mar-03 19:56:29

I've always foud hospitals etc the worst place in the world for my son. Theme parks can understand the problems autisitc kids have with waiting and arrange so they don't have to queue. Hospitals? Doctors? nah......

smartie Tue 13-May-03 09:21:44

I am currently arguing with a hospital over the pros and cons of an eyesight saving operation for a man , in his 40's that I care for. He doesn't need the op yet, but will do eventually. The surgeon though has already said that his learning difficulties and autistic tendencies will rule out any possibility of an op due to the associated problems of aftercare. The surgeon wont, obviously, be providing that aftercare, it will be us the nurses who know him well and who he has 'lived' with for years.

I feel very angry and frustrated and I'm not his mum! Sadly it does seem to be the doctors/surgeons playing God again as a result of a lack of resources.

Jimjams Tue 13-May-03 15:09:17

It's horrible smartie. It's not just autism either (and I can understand that operations could be difficult for autistic adults/children)- remember Craig from Big Brother who paid for his neighbour with Downs to have a heart op in the US as the NHS wouldn't do it. It's that which makes me think it's far more to do with resources. Disabled aren't seen as worth treating as they'll never be "quite right" anwyay. Grrrrr

mmm Wed 14-May-03 12:24:28

do you know ? it's got a support site for siblings? I don't mean to butt in, but I wished I'd known of one when I was a kid as my sister has learning difficulties.

Tortington Fri 21-Nov-03 00:36:11

sorry to hijack this thread - but cant remember my passowrd as it comes up automatically when i oput in my name - and i have a burning question which cant wait. and the title of this thread fits if you know what i mean
can someone explain foundation hospitals to me please

i dont know what this means - i am hearing all the arguments about the voting process yesterday and i hear what an awful policy it is

but i dont know what it means - can someone explain please

fio2 Fri 21-Nov-03 07:58:35

I think a foundation hospital is one that is privately owned and run by nhs and trust (investors) money. I think thats what it is anyway but I may be wrong!

Tortington Fri 21-Nov-03 16:35:00

thanks fio.....any one else

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