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Why celebrate St Patrick's Day if you're not Irish?

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wordsmith Thu 17-Mar-05 13:06:48

...and why not celebrate St George's Day if you're English? (Sorry Scots and Welsh, not trying to exclude you, but I think this is a peculiarly English reticence here). It's just that the only time I can remember seeing St George's flags around was during Euro 2004 (and any other sporting event).

Do you think it indicates the English have no national identity, or they're scared of expressing it?

piffle Thu 17-Mar-05 13:09:11

I don't know where you live but on St Georges day in our old town it was like Euro on the day, all the shops ie@ national high street chains like Next, Burtons, Clarks etc all had huge displays and promotions, kids did it at school, the history
In contrast nothing except a few pub drinks offers and shamrocks on your guinness on St Paddys day
This was in Hants

RudyDudy Thu 17-Mar-05 13:09:40

Although I think the World Cup 2002 and Euro 2004 did a lot to help I think there is still a reticence to display the St George's Flag due to its far right-wing racist connotations. I don't know if there's a historical reason why St Patrick's Day is celebrated but not St George's. I think it would be good to celebrate St George's Day as a positive experience of nationalism.

Amanda3266 Thu 17-Mar-05 13:10:25

Scared of expressing it I think. This is one of my DH's favourite gripes too. I am Irish and love St Patrick's Day but am surprised that St George's Day isn't given more time. I think it's all to do with marketing - there was resurgance of interest in all things Irish and Celtic a while back and pubs etc found it sold booze well.

Pamina3 Thu 17-Mar-05 13:12:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lou33 Thu 17-Mar-05 13:12:30

i don't celebrate any of them

CountessDracula Thu 17-Mar-05 13:13:40

At dd's nursery they all had to wear green today and they are doing stuff for it, no irish connection that I know of. But then they celebrate all sorts of different religious stuff too so I guess it's just multiculturalism

RudyDudy Thu 17-Mar-05 13:14:16

but will they celebrate St George's Day CD?

pinotgrigio Thu 17-Mar-05 13:18:32

That's a bit like asking if the pope's catholic. As we are a nation renowned for our excessive drinking, quite frankly everybody celebrates it because it's an excuse to get plastered.


ThomCat Thu 17-Mar-05 13:24:28

I think English people are starting to make noises about more being done for St Georges day ands the Ken is talking about investing money in doing something for StGD in london.

I have a lot of Irish friends and there are a lot of Irish pubs and the Irish celebrate it so well that's it hard not to get caught up in the whole sheeriness of it all.

And why not. I'm not Irish but have Irish ancestors and Irish friends so.....

Same reason my jewish friends send me Xmas cards.

tarantula Thu 17-Mar-05 13:27:47

think there are a few reasons for this. Firstly its the middle of Lent which was strictly observed by most Irish till recently so Paddys day was seen as a day off and thus became a big celebration. secondly People see the Irish as a party people (stereotype I know) and so try to join in the fun. Thirdly the Irish have emigrated to all parts and taken their culture with them and as everyone knows there is noone prouder of their culture than an ex pat. Fourthly ANY EXCUSE FOR A P*ss UP . Fifthly Catholics tend to make much more of saints days than COE so its always been a big thing. and lastly but not leastly Ireland is now coming out of a recession and has money so can finally celebrate in style

Be more than happy to Georges day esp if we get the day off work

CountessDracula Thu 17-Mar-05 13:28:20

No idea RudyDudy! I will ask them today when I pick dd up

RudyDudy Thu 17-Mar-05 13:29:18

Oh do CD. And do make a fuss about DD not exploring her heritage if they say no

wordsmith Thu 17-Mar-05 13:32:28

The why celebrate St Paddy's day question was a bit rhetorical! I like a glass of Guinness as much as the next person (altho only in Ireland, it's shite over here!) My point was more about the English having a national identity.....

uwila Thu 17-Mar-05 13:45:25

St George's Day

MrsDoolittle Fri 18-Mar-05 12:19:37

I second everything you say tarantula and....
Guinness spend alot of money successfully promoting it!!

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