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US Election Watch - we'll be here for a while!

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taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 16:58:32

After the success of the all day / night London Election party we had earlier in the year, who fancies one for the US election?

Lots of nothing news so far from the US - some polling stations have long queues, but others don't! John McCain says tomorrow he "will be the President of the United States!" Sarah Palin is "very optimistic!" Hilary Clinton is predicting a big Obama win! Obama has been playing basketball!

Its going to be a good one..

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 16:05:05

hehe LoR - I've removed the matchsticks (they kept breaking) and replaced then with the ladder I use to get into the attic grin

Unfortunately no early night for me - I have a meeting tonight

lingle Wed 05-Nov-08 21:05:05

love this thread!

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