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US Election Watch - we'll be here for a while!

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taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 16:58:32

After the success of the all day / night London Election party we had earlier in the year, who fancies one for the US election?

Lots of nothing news so far from the US - some polling stations have long queues, but others don't! John McCain says tomorrow he "will be the President of the United States!" Sarah Palin is "very optimistic!" Hilary Clinton is predicting a big Obama win! Obama has been playing basketball!

Its going to be a good one..

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 17:52:04

Apparently 2am is the magic time - its possible by then that one of the candidates might have got the 270 electoral college votes required..

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 17:53:04

oooo yes I'll join you grin

ilovemydogOBAMAFORPRESIDENT Tue 04-Nov-08 17:54:07

Oh, thanks for the heads up re: 2am. DS usually gets his freak on about this time anyway!!

It's so exciting! smile

smallwhitecat Tue 04-Nov-08 17:54:41

Message withdrawn

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 17:57:51

prediction: landslide smile <hopeful>

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 17:58:12

I do feel for Obama, possibly the biggest day of his life, and the woman who raised him won't be there to see it.

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 17:59:37


taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 18:05:51

The 2am thing comes from the BBC - apparently its the earliest either candidate can get to 270. Landslide aside, it will probably be later..

milge Tue 04-Nov-08 18:07:37

I would very much doubt that either candidate would declare victory or concede defeat until California and her 55 electoral college votes comes in, which will be much later than 2am, more like 5am Uk time.

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 18:10:22

Oh please not another Carter...

(when he conceded defeat to President Reagan, causing people not to bother voting on the West Coast when there were still Senators, Congress running...)

Ewe Tue 04-Nov-08 18:10:47

Just checking in (thanks for the link to here taliac).

I've had a vile tummy bug and spent all last night up being sick and a reasonable amount of today - so am hoping that if it is the same tonight I will at least have election coverage to keep me going Trying to see a silver lining!!

Think 2am is a bit optimistic, I'm going to have to disregard that otherwise I will say to myself that I'll just stay up until 2am and then it will get later and later and later! Before I know it I will have been up all night!

PersephoneSnape Tue 04-Nov-08 18:17:26

i think it will be fairly even both sides, but contemplating getting an early night and getting up about 3/4AM to watch the last bit.

falcon Tue 04-Nov-08 19:34:56

I feel ill at the thought of another Republican in office.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 04-Nov-08 19:42:46

I think its more likely to be 3:30 at the earliest - and maybe much longer. Am getting up early instead

soooooooo wish I could stay up
(contemplates going to bed v. soon and getting up at 4am.....)(but even though dead on feet I wouldnt sleep now am so very very excited)

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 19:45:27

I feel ill at the idea of Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House!

Voting has kicked off on the west coast.

This is a good guide to what happens when. The Guardian reckon it might be possible to call it at 4am.

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 19:49:43

Anyone about from the US? Whats the mood like?

FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 19:54:34

Count me in.
I'm soooo excited though worried about having to look after DD tomorrow but don't want to mess this historical moment.
If all goes as predicted for Obama, I'm thinking we could have a good indication of end result by 1.30am

milge - I think Obama can count on California going to him.

ThingOne Tue 04-Nov-08 20:05:15

Shagged, shagged but may join you from my bed.

meglet Tue 04-Nov-08 20:10:18

If my DD wakes up for a feed around 4am ish as usual I might just have to turn the TV on to see if Obama has definately won it by then (fingers crossed).

LadyG Tue 04-Nov-08 20:13:12

DD usually midnight and 4am feeds have live text bbc and laptop by bed!!!

AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 04-Nov-08 21:45:17

Count me in. I am very excited, though will probably only make it until 3am or so.

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 22:20:17

My laptop died! shock

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 22:30:22

Rupert Murdoch has said Obama would take the US in a "different and dangerous direction"

Don't think I've ever heard him be so explicit with his political opinions before - he must be scared.

I'm crashing out until first feed, so see you all in a few hours...! By when either not much will happened, or they will have called Virginia for Obama and everyone will be predicting a landslide..

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 22:35:45

PMSL @ this from one of the BBC articles

"Voters in Richmond, Virginia, were forced to wait after the person holding the keys to a branch library which was doubling as a polling station overslept"

ooops - grin

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