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Russell Brand, Jonathan Woss and Andrew Sachs

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JoolsToo Mon 27-Oct-08 15:26:53 -phone-calls-just-werent-funny.html

Have we not had a discussion about this? I'm surprised.

Seedy, sordid, unfunny little men pad obscene amounts of money to be obscene.

What's your view?

skyatnight Wed 29-Oct-08 23:20:12

Yes, I noticed that in the supermarket today (£4 off). Isn't it called: 'Now, why did I say that?' (Or something similar?)

MendedKnee Wed 29-Oct-08 23:19:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beaniescreamyb Wed 29-Oct-08 23:19:06

is now the time to mention that I do work for the............... ERK

GivePeasAChance Wed 29-Oct-08 23:18:54

Apparently Jonathan has a book coming out - is this co-incidence?

Saturn74 Wed 29-Oct-08 23:18:39

surely a thread discussing matters of such national importance will be extended indefinitely?

MendedKnee Wed 29-Oct-08 23:17:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

skyatnight Wed 29-Oct-08 23:17:27

Pity you don't work for the BBC, Peas, or you could tell everyone, including his grandfather! grin

beaniescreamyb Wed 29-Oct-08 23:17:17

OMG - sell your story! QUICK!

GivePeasAChance Wed 29-Oct-08 23:14:33

Jonathan Ross has a tiny penis

MendedKnee Wed 29-Oct-08 23:10:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beaniescreamyb Wed 29-Oct-08 23:07:54

grin at LittleBellaLugosi

skyatnight Wed 29-Oct-08 23:05:44

lol at cartoon and I think there might be something in your dp's theory, Iorek. (I've certainly wanted to whack Basil around the head when watching Faulty Towers. 'Leave Manuel alone!')

LittleBellaLugosi Wed 29-Oct-08 23:05:09

So do you think it was actually Peter Mandelson and George Osborne who made the phone calls and then pinned it on RB and JR?


beaniescreamyb Wed 29-Oct-08 23:04:53

grin at Morningpaper

morningpaper Wed 29-Oct-08 23:03:35

yes his too

I can go to bed now because someone on the itnernet Was Right

beaniescreamyb Wed 29-Oct-08 23:03:27

IorekMandelson - good theory grin

Night Wintera

So who's going to start the Ross/Brand/Sachs/Baillie/BBC/Daily Mail mark II thread when this goes kerput? wink

IorekMandelson Wed 29-Oct-08 23:02:02

What about dp's? It amused me greatly.

lololol at that cartoon.

morningpaper Wed 29-Oct-08 23:00:25

IorekMandelson I TOTALLY agree with your analysis there

wintera Wed 29-Oct-08 23:00:08

Guess what? I'm still here but I'll be gone soon! Just wanted to say I really loved that cartoon though. Am going to show my Husband tomorrow. He has gone bed now as he was sick of waiting. Night night all!

morningpaper Wed 29-Oct-08 22:59:44

I know I just looked

poor old thing

OMG I should have had sons


IorekMandelson Wed 29-Oct-08 22:59:42

I mostly agree with morningpaper on this. I also think Jonathan Ross is more blameworthy in this than Russell Brand.

The public reaction does seem rather extreme, especially since Andrew Sachs himself didn't seem too upset about it. My theory is that after months of credit crunch overload we are all finding it a huge relief to have something to feel indignant about that doesn't involve the likely loss of our jobs and houses, and so are finding it all rather cathartic. Dp's theory is that the public think that Andrew Sachs actually is Manuel, and feel passionately that after years of bullying at the hands of Basil Fawlty he deserves to be left in peace.

beaniescreamyb Wed 29-Oct-08 22:58:44



There's a lot of stuff out there grin I found her phone number earlier!

morningpaper Wed 29-Oct-08 22:56:15

I think they were from her Myspace page

beaniescreamyb Wed 29-Oct-08 22:55:12

"the paper will have dug them up from somewhere" I think the Sun dug them up from their archive from 2005 when she did some page 3 test shots.

morningpaper Wed 29-Oct-08 22:54:51

lolol that is GREAT

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