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So what do we think of the shagging beach couple being jailed then?

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needmorecoffee Sun 19-Oct-08 16:45:18

Couldn't they have got a room?

Blandmum Sun 19-Oct-08 16:46:33

I think that they were bloody daft to do what they did, taking no head of local sensibilities.

If you are in a different country, you should take account of local norms of behaviour.

OrmIrian Sun 19-Oct-08 16:47:27

Sorry but I think it serves them right a little. When in Rome etc.

2shoesdrippingwithblood Sun 19-Oct-08 16:47:30

there own fault imo. they must have known that it was taboo in that country

watsthestory Sun 19-Oct-08 16:47:43

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Sun 19-Oct-08 16:48:09

Message withdrawn

needmorecoffee Sun 19-Oct-08 16:48:36

I read that story then read that the police have been told to turn a blind eye to couples in the UK shagging in public so as not to embaress them of offend them. This goes for cottaging too.
Personally I'm against this whole sex in public thing. Get a fraking room!

fartmeistergeneral Sun 19-Oct-08 16:49:11

they weren't technically shagging. No exchange of fluids was made. However, their behaviour was deemed offensive to the locals. Different culture. Agree with the when in Rome....

AnarchyAunt Sun 19-Oct-08 16:49:17

Yep wot MB said.

We go on enough about people needing to obey UK law when here!

artichokes Sun 19-Oct-08 16:49:23

Totally agree with MB. When you visit another country you should respect its traditions and beliefs. Sex on a public beach is disgusting behaviour at anytime and anywhere, but in a Muslim country????

Having said that I find the whole set-up in Dubai hard to get my head round. Its strictly Muslim but there are LOADS of bars which positivly encourage decadence with alcohol.

monkeymonkeymonkey Sun 19-Oct-08 16:53:15

I dont know what they were thinking. Apparently at least one of the pair was working in Dubai, so shouldnt have been entirely ignorant of local laws.

DoubleBluff Sun 19-Oct-08 16:57:21

Thye got what htye deserved.
I dont think sex in a public place is acceptable anywhere.

LIZS Sun 19-Oct-08 16:57:43

When you go to another country you respect their laws and customs or are prepared to bear the consequences. This would be pretty sordid behaviour in even the most forgiving of countries, let alone a Middle Eastern one.

needmorecoffee Sun 19-Oct-08 16:58:20

even if they were ignorant of the local laws (hard to believe). Shagging in public? I don't think thats ok anywhere. Its bad enough getting to watch fondling and slurping just about anywhere in the high street now.

spicemonster Sun 19-Oct-08 16:59:09

Does anyone believe them? That they were doing heavy petting rather than actually shagging?

needmorecoffee Sun 19-Oct-08 16:59:54

in the story I read they were cautioned and then carried on! How stupid can you get.

mosschops30 Sun 19-Oct-08 17:10:05

They should have respected the laws of the country theyre in, although I have no idea where that sort of behaviour is acceptable.

Dirty scrubber and even dirtier bastard, throw away the key

<mosschops feeling very stern this wkend> grin

ScottishMummy Sun 19-Oct-08 17:11:17

gross behaviour likely to result in police intervention in any country.dirty shaggers

BreevandercampLGJ Sun 19-Oct-08 17:12:21

<<snort>> at Mosschops...

Blandmum Sun 19-Oct-08 17:13:51

I don't particularly care that they were shagging.

Just bloody stupid to do it somewhere that is going to upset and insult people.

dittany Sun 19-Oct-08 17:14:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pan Sun 19-Oct-08 17:19:07

Wasn't the alcohol a big factor here? One of them knew without a doubt about the laws of the land, but reason disappears when a) a shag is on the cards...mostly men?, and combined with b) the 'liberating' effects of alcohol means that reason has no chance.

He was probably thinking he was Shag King, after all of the alcohol he had being another John Travolta after a skinful of ale...

dittany Sun 19-Oct-08 17:20:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScottishMummy Sun 19-Oct-08 17:21:23

think the contributory factors here were that they are a pair of fuckwits

Blandmum Sun 19-Oct-08 17:21:46

and getting pissed isn't exactly a smart move either.

<<How are you Pan, havn't 'seen' you around for a while?>>

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