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David Blunkett is NOT the father shock!

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Tinker Sat 05-Mar-05 09:39:11

Will find a linkin a bit.

Wonder who is then? Not her husband surely? Wonder how many other men are now thinking "Oh s*"

Tinker Sat 05-Mar-05 09:40:33


Nemo1977 Sat 05-Mar-05 09:40:55

pmsl o dear

marthamoo Sat 05-Mar-05 09:51:21

Simon Hoggart?

Freckle Sat 05-Mar-05 10:07:30

Am I right in thinking that he categorically is the father of William?

Wrt this baby, I'm sure there are a lot of men thinking "oops", but what on earth must her husband be thinking; how much he feel when there is so much speculation over which men his wife has slept with??

Tinker Sat 05-Mar-05 10:11:48

Think he is the father of William. Think it makes things worse for the husband, unless it can show he is the father. Raises even more questions

jampots Sat 05-Mar-05 10:38:29

has the husband had a DNA test?

Caligula Sat 05-Mar-05 11:09:37

I don't know why, but I'm very glad. There's been something so control freaky in DB's behaviour.

While hers has just been utterly bizarre and incomprehensible. If it was a soap plot, you wouldn't believe it.

Freckle Sat 05-Mar-05 11:16:01

I think her behaviour has been quite calculated. She wanted children; hubby had had the snip. She obviously chose men with intelligence and "charisma" (which can be what you want). After all, with donor sperm, you don't know what genes you will be getting. She just chose her sperm donors, but obviously chose not to let them know that's what they were. And she clearly slept with several men to increase her chances of a "score".

HappyMumof2 Sat 05-Mar-05 19:58:46

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 Sat 05-Mar-05 19:59:41

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sat 05-Mar-05 20:01:54

KQ's husband is cross that DB confirmed to the press that he was not the father of latest baby.
I just don't understand that KQ!!!! And yes I think she is called a slapper!!!!

WideWebWitch Sat 05-Mar-05 20:21:36

Oh fab, another KQ thread. Blimey! Bet Simon Hoggart et al are quaking!

sobernow Sat 05-Mar-05 20:38:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Sat 05-Mar-05 20:43:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HappyMumof2 Sat 05-Mar-05 20:45:53

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sat 05-Mar-05 20:50:04

her DH is againdt DB seeing his son... that is not dignified IMHO

HappyMumof2 Sat 05-Mar-05 20:51:56

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Sat 05-Mar-05 20:59:20

"well respoected broadcaster" hmmm.

My money's on parky.

emkana Sat 05-Mar-05 21:01:49

Wasn't the rumour that it was Trevor McDonald?

paolosgirl Sat 05-Mar-05 21:02:35

Dh says he read that the baby is of asian descent - anyone else heard that?

Amanda3266 Sat 05-Mar-05 21:02:38

Trevor MacDonald.

jampots Sat 05-Mar-05 21:03:10


paolosgirl Sat 05-Mar-05 21:10:34

Bashir is a possibility ...hats off to the girl - I want some of her libido!

HappyMumof2 Sat 05-Mar-05 21:11:36

Message withdrawn

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