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St Caitlin of Moran professes her deep love of all things High School Musical... so what about you? Love or hate?

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emkana Thu 09-Oct-08 20:45:12

I for one agree wholeheartedly with Caitlin

IllegallyBrunette Thu 09-Oct-08 20:45:44


ohdearwhatamess Thu 09-Oct-08 20:47:37

I have absolutely no idea what HSM is. Am I missing something?

foxinsocks Thu 09-Oct-08 20:49:07

I don't get it blush. I even watched it with dd (aged 8) and we both didn't get it. Though she did like Troy hmm.

emkana Thu 09-Oct-08 20:49:15

omg where have you BEEN the last couple of years

emkana Thu 09-Oct-08 20:49:54

childrenofthecornsilk Thu 09-Oct-08 20:51:05

Really she was letching over the fugly lad in it. Most strange.

ohdearwhatamess Thu 09-Oct-08 20:54:22

So is it Grease for a new generation?

hecAteTheirBrains Thu 09-Oct-08 20:55:02

don't care. Not seen it, not interested in seeing it.

TheGreatScootini Thu 09-Oct-08 20:56:07

Love it.Fancy the boy in it in a sick cradle snatchy sort of way blush

southeastastra Thu 09-Oct-08 20:56:20

their whiney voices just hit something in my head which makes it want to explode, so a no from me

Carmenere Thu 09-Oct-08 20:56:43

I like it, it is cheery

maidamess Thu 09-Oct-08 20:56:49

Never seen it


Megglevache Thu 09-Oct-08 20:59:02

I have never seen it but saw the poofter young guy who is the lead with the other beard lead girl on GMTV the other day.

It's a bit like Grease from what I can gather.

Waswondering Thu 09-Oct-08 21:01:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Thu 09-Oct-08 21:03:27

grease was stylish! hsm just seems stylised too perfect

Marina Thu 09-Oct-08 21:07:10

Megg, I am shocked!shock I would never have thought it.
Hate purely on the grounds of its use as instrument of tyranny and oppression in playgrounds. And all the fecking tat merchandising.
Dd is being called a baby by classmates because she prefers playing with Baby Born to crooning and gyrating to "We're all in this together".
I am sure it's harmless but it is not suitable for five year olds gggrrr

Marina Thu 09-Oct-08 21:07:58

Grease was a bit rough. Rizzo etc. If Megg is to be believed pregnancy scares are not really HSM territory...

southeastastra Thu 09-Oct-08 21:21:56

yes grease was gritty

Ewe Thu 09-Oct-08 21:26:48

I love love love it! My DD is only 7mnths so I can't even blame her.

Zefron is hot!

christywhisty Thu 09-Oct-08 21:33:28

Plain old harmless, innocent fund. DD 11 and her friends adore it, although Camp Rock succeeded it recently in the adoration stakes..
It's more than suitable for a 5 year old Marina. They don't even kiss in it!

newgirl Thu 09-Oct-08 21:33:40

i hate merchandising, leggings, cheerleaders etc etc but i love these films. I have a veryyy soft spot for chad grin.

ive bought tickets for my dd age 6 and her mates and mums and im really looking forward to it!! she is counting down the days and i feel like a very lovely mum for the cost of about 15 quid!

2shoesdrippingwithblood Thu 09-Oct-08 21:38:45

dd has sn. it has been hard to get her to move along to more age appropriate stuff. HSM has done it, she loves it and loves the bloke with the curly hair.
it is harmless, clean and ok.

solidgoldskullonastick Thu 09-Oct-08 21:40:12

It's shit becauase the music is so very, very bad. It's utterly musically illiterate: all the songs being a bunch of s-club-7 out-takes thrown together. THe first time I heard it I asked if its USP was that the 'songs' had been written by 12-year-olds because that was what it sounded like.
It's shit in the same way that Stars In Their Eyes was culturally toxic, the same way that the majority of 'talent' shows are/were in the days when the winner got to release a cover of Unchained Melody and that was about it.
And no, I'm not a miserable fart who hates 'pop' music: great pop music (Abba, some SAW, GIrls Aloud, Sugababes etc) crosses loads of barriers and is good in itself. Music thrown together as an afterthought purely to sell merchandise is not music and it is genuinely bad for children if it's all they hear.

Orinoco Thu 09-Oct-08 21:45:02

Message withdrawn

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