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The Couple 'made-up' with their RUBBISH honeymoon!!!

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NotAnOtter Mon 06-Oct-08 20:53:59


NomDePlume Mon 06-Oct-08 20:55:40

he could've at least smiled for the pic though

expatinscotland Mon 06-Oct-08 20:56:56

too bad they didn't have enough points left over for some clothes to wear on holiday.

nickytwoooohtimes Mon 06-Oct-08 20:57:04

Fair play to them. What a great story!

Ripeberry Mon 06-Oct-08 21:19:31

Do they still have those recycling machines?
I never saw any around here.

Saturn74 Mon 06-Oct-08 21:20:59

they look ecstatic

NotAnOtter Mon 06-Oct-08 21:34:00

kind of thing you could get your teen to do for you!

Simplysally Mon 06-Oct-08 22:03:11

I've not seen any machines that give points like that. I wonder if they're going to fund future holidays by litter-picking?

You'd need a holiday after that grin

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