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What should be done with such a 7-yr-old?

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roisin Sat 04-Oct-08 14:37:21

The boys and I were shocked and horrified by this story.

This child clearly needs some professional help.

roisin Sat 04-Oct-08 14:38:35

also on the BBC

Carmenere Sat 04-Oct-08 14:38:52

He needs psychiatric evaluation. Serial killer in the making.

edam Sat 04-Oct-08 14:39:24

He's a very nasty piece of work. Or very disturbed.

I hope the zoo does sue his ruddy parents.

compo Sat 04-Oct-08 14:40:21

where were his parents? sad

ShyBaby Sat 04-Oct-08 14:46:15

I would want to know what in his life was making him so angry that he felt the need to release it like that. Awful.

Jbck Sat 04-Oct-08 14:48:25

I couldn't understand how he managed a 30 minute spree.Why the hell didn't someone stop him!

Kimi Sat 04-Oct-08 14:55:16

He is clearly a very disturbed child and really needs some professional help,
Ted Bundy started out killing animals.
What the hell are the parents like to let a 7 year old out alone.
Complete nutter, although I am sure someone will pop up saying its not his fault, parents, society blah blah blah.... some people (what ever age ) are just evil and this child is one of them.

findtheriver Sat 04-Oct-08 14:57:37

I hope they sue his parents too.

bronze Sat 04-Oct-08 14:59:17

Feed him to the crocodile wink

Actually it does worry me that it could have been him and then the zoo would be beng sued right now.

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 04-Oct-08 14:59:44

should have fed him to the goanna

wannaBe Sat 04-Oct-08 15:20:17

what a horrible child.

I hope they sue the parents.

As for him, he will clearly grow into a murderer.

He should be locked away now.

grouchyoscar Sat 04-Oct-08 15:27:54

how awful.

saint2shoes Sat 04-Oct-08 15:33:04

he should be fed to the croc.
nasty piece of work.

sprogger Sat 04-Oct-08 15:43:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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