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All major companies are going down the pan, banks are doomed, shit your pants now

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FioFio Tue 30-Sep-08 12:39:59

Message withdrawn

Hassled Tue 30-Sep-08 12:44:01

It's one of these things where I know I should be running around screaming, but actually can't summons up the energy. I mean I understand how serious the situation is, but it's not causing me to fret. I guess it's just all so beyond the average person's control that it doesn't seem real - only things like the MNers who lost money or jobs with Lehmans brought anything home to me. Time I took my head out of the sand, I guess.

GordonTheGopher Tue 30-Sep-08 12:44:51

I'm playing the ignorance card too. I really don't have a clue what's going on.

JJ Tue 30-Sep-08 12:45:50

Ha! On top of the whole banking crisis thing, I'm doing taxes and it's raining and cold, wah.

Made me laugh, you did.

zippitippitoes Tue 30-Sep-08 12:46:19

well when i started that lehmans thread saying i was scared for how things would pan out ....i was bothered then and nothing has happened since to make me less bothered

my chance of getting a job was crap already and is now worse and the ony money i have is tied yp in property

CountessDracula Tue 30-Sep-08 12:47:35

We are doomed I tell you

LucyJones Tue 30-Sep-08 12:47:37

and we're not actually in a recession yet though lol

MrsBadger Tue 30-Sep-08 12:47:45


DH and I watched the HoR vote live last night and no bugger knew what was going on - even the BBC correspondent was reading from the Reuters feed because they couldn;t analyse the situation.

value beans for tea and Jed Bartlett for president, I say

lulumama Tue 30-Sep-08 12:49:11

if we are all doomed, running around panicking won;t help... things will come up again. eventually. but there will be a lot of casualties along the way

FioFio Tue 30-Sep-08 12:49:36

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Tue 30-Sep-08 12:49:39

Just ger yer heads down and hope for the best
I reckon

Snaf Tue 30-Sep-08 12:51:35

Stuff your money under the mattress and get the tins of condensed milk and pichards out. We'll be fine [eeeek]

wannaBe Tue 30-Sep-08 12:52:47

we will be fine.

This will probably go down in history, but economies are cyclical, and it will recover.

Panicking about it won't make it any better.

nickytwotimes Tue 30-Sep-08 12:53:23

I'm afraid that until I am personally affected I will not be pannicing.
<buries head in sand and thanks God that dh is in public sector.>

deanychip Tue 30-Sep-08 12:54:21

mmm tiger bread, and butter, mmmm
all is well when tiger bread is squidjing between your teeth.

JJ Tue 30-Sep-08 12:55:25

Have no idea what tiger bread is, so that's me screwed then. Oh well. I do have butter though.

Yes, agree we are all doomed, DOOOOOOOOMED, I tell ya.

(Am actually vv stressed about the whole situation but what is there to do? Fuck all, really.)

FioFio Tue 30-Sep-08 12:56:15

Message withdrawn

JJ Tue 30-Sep-08 12:57:33

What is it? Would I just ask for tiger bread? Is it a brand or a type of bread?

I like the idea of bread squidging between my teeth. MMmmmmmm.

hoxtonchick Tue 30-Sep-08 12:58:32

hi jj - sorry for my head entirely in the clouds yesterday . i did recognise you when you took your sunglasses off!

FioFio Tue 30-Sep-08 12:58:42

Message withdrawn

deanychip Tue 30-Sep-08 12:59:37

trouble with tiger bread is that the whole loaf needs to be eaten in one day, its a struggle, but a delicious struggle.

CatIsSleepy Tue 30-Sep-08 12:59:38

don't really know how to react
not panicking yet

tiger bread is darned good
tinned pilchards less so

FioFio Tue 30-Sep-08 13:00:02

Message withdrawn

deanychip Tue 30-Sep-08 13:00:40

its so soft in the middle, you need to carve it yourself, so big liberal slabs of the stuff.

expatinscotland Tue 30-Sep-08 13:00:57

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Sorry, but there's rarely any reason to panic, I can't think of a situation where it helps.

I subscribe to the philosophy of old-time climber John Long: 'Now there is always something to do, even in the worst of situations, if you just keep your wits about you.'

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