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Mog died????!!!!!!???

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S1ur Sun 28-Sep-08 22:41:38

I am so sorry to you all, for bringing this to your attention,

But I have had this brought to my attention and I cannot live a lie.

Mog the forgetful cat actually died (in 2003 wink)

I am shocked.

DANCESwithLordPottingtonSmythe Sun 28-Sep-08 22:43:39

LOL! I was geniunely shocked when I saw the book and had to stop and read it in the middle of waterstones. Felt really sad afterwards (and still shocked!)

moondog Sun 28-Sep-08 22:44:23

Don't rub it in.
Am already devastated.

bythepowerofgreyskull Sun 28-Sep-08 22:44:33


ledodgy Sun 28-Sep-08 22:44:48

Oh don't I have tried to forget.sad

Goodbye Mog <sniff>

VersdeSociete Sun 28-Sep-08 22:45:17

NEVER let a child see that book.

S1ur Sun 28-Sep-08 22:45:29

Oh greyskull I am sorry for our loss

IdrisTheDragon Sun 28-Sep-08 22:45:54

My children are fine with it - it's DH who can't cope.

S1ur Sun 28-Sep-08 22:46:27

I didn't know such a foul abomination of a book existed until very recently.

I blame mumsnet, I could have lived in ignorance.

Ebberley Sun 28-Sep-08 22:46:48

I have to hide that book everytime we go into the library and my children are 12yo and 9yo rufty-tufty, hard as nails boys.

I know that they would weep.

Bowddee Sun 28-Sep-08 22:47:20

DS went to pick up the Goodbye Mog story in the library.

I had to distract him with a book about rabbits.

moondog Sun 28-Sep-08 22:54:51

I am sandwiched between thread discussing Mog's demise and another showcasing Kewcumber's lillte boy.

I won't make it through the night.

moondog Sun 28-Sep-08 22:55:27

Slur, I only found our tonight!!!

HRHSaintMamazon Sun 28-Sep-08 22:56:09

what on earth are you all on about?

S1ur Sun 28-Sep-08 22:58:27

me too moony, I have begun to introduce Mog (the series of books by Judith Kerr) to my dc and now, now I am at a loss. Perhaps if I read slowly they will be teenagers by te time I finsh and the loss will be less painful for them.

emkana Sun 28-Sep-08 23:01:12

I read this to my dd's when they were 4 and 6 and they were okay, it's a good book to talk about death.

[be strong]

lilysmummy2007 Sun 28-Sep-08 23:06:08

who or what is mog??

paddingtonbear1 Sun 28-Sep-08 23:11:31

mog the cat,in childrens story books written by Judith Kerr. I haven't read this particular one though....

dd has Mog the forgetful cat and Mog's Christmas...

NotAnOtter Sun 28-Sep-08 23:20:39

i currently have to read three mog books three times a day EVERY day!

goodbye mog is somwehere but luckily not at toddler height!

NotAnOtter Sun 28-Sep-08 23:22:07

mog and me
mog in the garden
mogs family of cats


without fail!

callmeovercautious Sun 28-Sep-08 23:25:49

mog died? OMG sad

Are you sure it was 2003. I am sure I remember the books from the 80s. Or am I thinking meg and mog?

TwoIfBySea Sun 28-Sep-08 23:26:50

I saw this in a shop a couple of years ago and felt bereft! Mog's Christmas got me through childhood, I still have it. I bought a collection of Mog stories for dts and that is one of them, it is a very well written story for anyone dealing with children having lost a beloved pet but still...not Mog!!!!

elkiedee Sun 28-Sep-08 23:31:25

Many of the Mog books would have been around in the 80s, we had a couple for little brother/sister born in 1977 and 1980. Judith Kerr (author) must be in her 80s now as I believe the book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit in which a 9 year old leaves Nazi Germany with her family in 1933 is based on her own experiences.

bundle Sun 28-Sep-08 23:31:40

you just heard?

do keep up

S1ur Sun 28-Sep-08 23:37:14

Yes I just heard. I appparently missed the 'we killed your cat' memo. I haven't read book some Flame mumsnetter bluntly dumped news on me.

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