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Upwind Thu 18-Sep-08 17:07:32

From: the Guardian

"Lloyds TSB has given the government a pledge that it will keep lending to first-time buyers, in return for assurances that its £12bn bid for HBOS, announced today, would escape the scrutiny of the competition authorities.

Sir Victor Blank, the chairman of Lloyds TSB, revealed that he struck the deal with Gordon Brown at a City drinks party on Monday. The prime minister promised that the deal would not be investigated if the enlarged bank continued to provide funds to would-be homeowners. HBOS owns the Halifax and is Britain's biggest mortgage lender.

So, they have created a massive monopoly in return for short term effects on the housing market aimed at keeping prices unaffordable shock

And how much of taxpayers money was used to sweeten this deal? Alastair Darling avoided that question on the radio this morning. Our money must have been involved or I don't see why Lloyds TSB would pay so much over the odds for HBOS.

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