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credit crunch coffee!!

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cupsoftea Thu 04-Sep-08 10:32:48

"I just put instant or tea in my flask - why payout all this cash for a machine????"

sitdownpleasegeorge Thu 04-Sep-08 10:50:23

I hope her dh doesn't work in finance, he's forgotten to factor in the cost of the coffee and electricity at home in calculating his savings over the coming year.

cupsoftea Thu 04-Sep-08 10:54:12

lol sitdownpg - times are hard when a top of the range coffee machine is the answer to money troubles !!

taliac Thu 04-Sep-08 11:01:27

Yes, thats the way to save money - buy more stuff!

My DH thinks much the same way, sadly.

sitdownpleasegeorge Thu 04-Sep-08 11:14:32

It is a peculiarly male way of thinking isn't it.
"I can't possibly give up the luxury taste of expresso to save money or cut down from 3 expressos a day. No, we'll buy a gadget and make them at home."

No deprivation at all and wifey has to dust and clean the thing so she is doing all the hard work to save the money.

ClareVoiant Thu 04-Sep-08 11:17:17

Or you could just avoid overpriced retailers like starbucks and stop at you local, friendly, independently run coffee van who hasn't put their prices up for 2 years, despite rising costs, and still does a regular cappuccino for £1.50 wink

ClosedForCleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 11:29:00

A 'story' straight out of the press office at KitchenAid m'thinks.

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 11:30:48

oh ffs this is a feature?

look kids, you can make coffee yourself

Washersaurus Thu 04-Sep-08 11:33:42

Well more sensibly, DH has one of these bodum thingies for work which cost £7 from their outlet shop. He does drink too much coffee at work and was costing us a fortune.

lulumama Thu 04-Sep-08 11:37:56

or buy a box of aldi's mocha or cappucino sachets !

good god, it is hardly news that making your own coffee is cheaper than buying it from a shop who want to make a profit

Washersaurus Thu 04-Sep-08 11:37:59

And you can buy a really good Gaggia coffee machine for about £130, that article does look more like an advert.

ClosedForCleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 11:45:51

But it's the take-away coffee addicts that subsidise those of us who spend an entire rainy afternoon languishing on a squishy sofa over an Americano. Sitting on a park bench with a thermos flask trying to balance umbrella, feed baby and pour coffee is not a worthwhile way to save two pounds. The masses must be stopped from discovering the lost art of boiling a kettle.

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 12:23:33

lol at closedforcleaning

you can get a variety of milk frothers

you don't need to spend hundreds on a machine - a stovetop and a milk frother will do the job

take heed of my words, for I am a frothy kind of a drink

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 12:24:25

you can get a jobby that does the same thing as washer's dh for about £1.30

we have one for camping

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 12:25:22

what the article should have been about was where to buy a nice mug

I hate Starbucks but I do love their bucket-of-coffee cups

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