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It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel...

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S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 21:50:03

only a wee bit nervous.

So the Large Hadron Collider gets switched on in 9 days....

Science aim to recreate the conditions of the big bang.

Now come on, nothing can go wrong with that plan right? grin

Anyone worried? hmm

Disclaimer: don't be scared, dp says its all been risk assessed and there is No Need to Panic. And he is a scientist so he is mad knows.

KerryMum Mon 01-Sep-08 22:17:20

wonders if I should keep boys home from school.

oops Mon 01-Sep-08 22:17:34

Message withdrawn

KerryMum Mon 01-Sep-08 22:18:35

who knows maybe THIS is how the universe started in the first place.

But it isn't the FIRST universe, it's the 500th because we just keep blowing it up again and again.

Kewcumber Mon 01-Sep-08 22:18:51

"I have a trip to Ikea planned in a few weeks" - the end of the world seems a fairly reasonble price to pay in exchange for getting out of a trip to IKEA.

KerryMum Mon 01-Sep-08 22:19:53

what was that show that had all the possible end-of-the-world scenarios on it. It was on in the last couple of years. docu-drama kind of thing. they did one on these idiots. Probably will be jerking off while the world EXPLODES

Jux Mon 01-Sep-08 22:20:56

Oh that's so cool. I'm going to have to divorce dh and find a scientist bf. I want to press the button. Am so envy

Anifrangapani Mon 01-Sep-08 22:22:30

I thought Ikea was a black hole

KerryMum Mon 01-Sep-08 22:24:00

good point

AbstractMouse Mon 01-Sep-08 22:24:13

Oh well at least if the universe ceases to exist we won't really now about it hmm

AbstractMouse Mon 01-Sep-08 22:25:20

know god I'm shite.

S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 22:27:21

Well, I think even if the world and universe implodes into nothingness and non existance, there will still be pedants and Ikea. Erternally battling with their strange code words


Anifrangapani Mon 01-Sep-08 22:29:47

Blerkhoel Sofa anyone?

S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 22:32:08

perhaps a nice split infinitive shelving unit? One either side of the subjunctive settle?

littlelapin Mon 01-Sep-08 22:39:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMum Mon 01-Sep-08 22:44:48


BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 01-Sep-08 22:48:50

lol at you lot

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 01-Sep-08 22:51:09

Acksherly could you all pop over here to help me chose a watch please??

Shallow?? Moi??

S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 23:05:37

I have replied Boys, but I have to question the wisdom of buying a watch in the endtime. grin

littlelapin Mon 01-Sep-08 23:19:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GrimmaTheNome Mon 01-Sep-08 23:22:58

I started reading the New Scientist article but got distracted by the fact that the female detector designer they'd interviewed was called Bilge. Am only doing my periodic Mumsnet lurk in the hope of a baby names thread...

KerryMum Mon 01-Sep-08 23:25:48

where are all our scientists?

littlelapin Mon 01-Sep-08 23:26:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMum Mon 01-Sep-08 23:27:18


oops Mon 01-Sep-08 23:29:01

Message withdrawn

S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 23:32:19

Oi I am masquarading as sciencey!

Lapin, those missing nanoseconds will throw all computers into meltdown, very liek how the millenium bug did. (or didn't)

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