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Victoria Beckham...

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duster Sun 20-Feb-05 12:04:45

...has had her third boy

Bookmakers offering 100\1 on the name 'Wembley.'
Any ideas for Vic n' Dave? What about Nike?

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 12:06:34

Spooky you posted this 10 seconds before me!

suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 12:07:06

lucky her
three boys..........<dream>

dinosaur Sun 20-Feb-05 12:09:21

They're copying us, are the Beckhams having three boys.

They'd better not copy our DS3's name though...

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 12:10:07

Yeah, copying me too!
Any name ideas? What about 'Chav?'

dinosaur Sun 20-Feb-05 12:10:53

Hi duster! Boy gangs are great, aren't they?

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:12:44

Message withdrawn

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 12:13:32

Gangs of boys truly marvellous though I'm not looking forward to the teenage years much! I'm expecting the fridge to be raided every 5 minutes and the house to stink of old socks!

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:13:32

Message withdrawn

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 12:14:07

And that's just me....

suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 12:14:50

I want a gang , I have a double act at the mo and dh is being very sparing with his seed (sorry TMI)

MarsLady Sun 20-Feb-05 12:14:58

I still think Louis

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:15:34

Message withdrawn

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 12:19:42

lol suzywong.
By the way, it'll be your fault when my face is dripping with ice cream mix in about 8 hours' time.

And is that 'Cruz' to rhyme with 'Loos?'

Oh dear. Louis much better name, but I'm biased there

expatinscotland Sun 20-Feb-05 12:20:40

How about 'Mercucio', to carry on in the Shakespearean tradition.

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 12:20:41

Message withdrawn

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 12:21:29

Copying who?
Is there a young Cruz Cod?

treacletart Sun 20-Feb-05 12:22:05

Just discussing this with DH - I said I reckoned somethimng Spanish - he said Yeah me too what about Tortilla?

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:22:30

Message withdrawn

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 12:24:46

What's Spanish for 'sick as a parrot' or 'call that a penalty?!'

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 12:25:51

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Sun 20-Feb-05 12:27:47

Cruz? WTF?! That's a bloody SURNAME! What's with all these trends of giving kids a surname as a forename? That's not unique, that's silly.

suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 12:29:10

there are indeed very very silly

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:30:03

Message withdrawn

Tinker Sun 20-Feb-05 12:30:20

Oh, hate the surnames as forenames trend too.

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