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Jacqueline Wilson falls out with Asda after spelling twit with an 'a'

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MmeLindt Fri 22-Aug-08 16:31:39

In the Times today.

The word "twat" was used as an alternative to idiot or twit in our house for years and noone batted an eyelid.

Is it a regional thing?

georgiemum Fri 22-Aug-08 16:34:55

It may be. I thought it was another word for.. errr... what's a polite term... word that rhymes with 'shunt'. So I can use it now?

AvenaLife Fri 22-Aug-08 16:35:51

you mean fanjo georgiemum grin

Fimbo Fri 22-Aug-08 16:37:10

I said it was a swear word in our local paper. I was going to go through the book to find it (ds 10, has it and loves JW). Won't bother now.

Its not really that bad is it?? My dh often calls other drivers twats blush

Whizzz Fri 22-Aug-08 16:37:25

grin oh deary me !
Well I know it as a 'female genitalia' word - I'm a northern girl !

AvenaLife Fri 22-Aug-08 16:38:22

I always thought a twat was the bloke in the bank that wouldn't refund a bank charge.

belcantavinissima Fri 22-Aug-08 16:38:22

i would hate to hear my dcs saying the word and i have a gutter mouth!

differentID Fri 22-Aug-08 16:38:38

I've always been aware of it as a slightly less offensive version of see-you-next-tuesday.

AvenaLife Fri 22-Aug-08 16:39:03

I prefer this to c*nt.

2point4kids Fri 22-Aug-08 16:39:51

i only know it as quite a rude word! i'd be shocked if i saw it oin a kids book

AvenaLife Fri 22-Aug-08 16:41:24

Don't try googling it though. You'll never know what pops up.

Whizzz Fri 22-Aug-08 16:41:24

The posts below the story suggest a North South divide.
So let's see - post if you are northern or southern and if you see the word as nice or nasty!

georgiemum Fri 22-Aug-08 16:41:40

Avena - 'fanjo' is a new word to me and it makes me giggle (very immature I know). Just how is it pronounced?

Speaking of this area... I was in the pool changing rooms and 'mummy' is explaining to daughter (about 4) 'That's your vagina, darling' (I missed the start of that conversation). Am I old fashioned or is this a little too much honest information for littley? I don't think my mother ever said that word in front of us. In fact, I don't think she referred to biology at all.

MmeLindt Fri 22-Aug-08 16:42:08

Ok, in my family it was an acceptable word.

Shall we see if there is a geographical Twat barrier?

We lived in Tayside, Scotland

AvenaLife Fri 22-Aug-08 16:43:15

Like banjo I think. grin

I think you are being too honest. Girl bits works fine until they really want to know.

georgiemum Fri 22-Aug-08 16:43:55

OOh. We could try a (entirely scientific) experiment. Say this word to 6 people today and note the response. grin Just off to the Post Office...

georgiemum Fri 22-Aug-08 16:45:18

Banjo!!! That is very amusing. Fit of giggles now... Only had cheesecake and licorish to eat today so far...

AvenaLife Fri 22-Aug-08 16:46:19

I'm assuming it's because it plays music if it is plucked correctly grin grin!

MmeLindt Fri 22-Aug-08 16:48:13

at Banjo

serenity Fri 22-Aug-08 16:48:14

I wouldn't expect it in a kids book tbh. I'm not sure about this 'regional divide' thing though - I'm in London and it's always been classed as swearing as far as I knew, not as bad as cnut, but still bad.

Fimbo Fri 22-Aug-08 16:51:53

I used to live in Tayside too like MMe Lindt.

Now live in the East of England, will need to quiz my friends down here

BrownSuga Fri 22-Aug-08 16:55:47

DH is from the north east. Blokes he worked with were classed as TWATs and so am I now. Because we only work Tuesdays Wednesdays And Thursdays.

Rubyrubyruby Fri 22-Aug-08 16:57:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

georgiemum Fri 22-Aug-08 17:01:41

So what is 'twatted' (is it as in 'banjoed'?)? Giggling again... DS keeps asking 'what is so funny on your computer, mummy?'

I live in lancashire and it was on of the bad swear words, and I would be horrified to hear children using this word but have to admit some relatives of mine are twats.

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