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this has to stop

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bundle Wed 16-Feb-05 19:06:50

I've been finding out about fistula fortnight as part of my job. If you're not too squeamish, do have a read because it's a neglected area of women's health (totally preventable if the right obstetric care was available yet in some African countries where this is common, just $3 per annum is spent on a woman's healthcare) which campaigners are trying to raise awareness about over the next two weeks. It's thought that up to 800,000 women in Nigeria alone are living with the consequences of obstetric fistula (often double incontinence which causes their families to shun them) even though it is possible to repair it surgically.

eidsvold Wed 16-Feb-05 22:09:45

they showed a documentary on that here in Aus last year - think it is a British woman or aussie - can;t remember who is raising funds for a clinic to treat women for free.

highlander Thu 17-Feb-05 18:14:09

this was on the BBC web site a few months ago and Glamour (American edition) have just run a huge article on fistulas. It's bloody awful isn't it?

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