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how come we're third in the olympic games

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southeastastra Sun 17-Aug-08 21:06:30

gymnastics? what else have we won. been away from the telly

tigana Sun 17-Aug-08 21:06:59

sailing and cycling

ChasingSquirrels Sun 17-Aug-08 21:08:07

rowing, swimming

pinkspottywellies Sun 17-Aug-08 21:10:04

Bronze in something horsey I think.

Piffle Sun 17-Aug-08 21:10:07

equestrian too
Bloody top effort

tigana Sun 17-Aug-08 21:11:14

think I meant rowing rather than sailing...they're both boat-related though, yes?!!

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sun 17-Aug-08 21:12:21

rowing andsailing

retiredgoth Sun 17-Aug-08 21:12:31

....synchronised backgammon.... tiddlywinks relay.... extreme beach bowls (featuring pensioners in knee length swimming costumes) and the like.


Habbibu Sun 17-Aug-08 21:12:37

Sailing too, tigana - 2 golds. More cycling to come too!

tiredemma Sun 17-Aug-08 21:13:05

Why is it that your place in the medals table is only detrmined by your amount of gold medals?

Australia have more medals than the GB overall, yet are below us in the medals table????

tiredemma Sun 17-Aug-08 21:13:06

Why is it that your place in the medals table is only detrmined by your amount of gold medals?

Australia have more medals than the GB overall, yet are below us in the medals table????

gemmiegoatlegs Sun 17-Aug-08 21:13:33

we will soon be overtaken in all the track and field events that are coming up, unfortunately. Our strongest performers have performed...and well done to them! i thi9nk it is amazing that we do as well as we have when we come from such a small island - a talented bunch the British, you know!

Piffle Sun 17-Aug-08 21:14:39

because your number of golds count for more!

Piffle Sun 17-Aug-08 21:16:27

dunno Bout that tbh
USA and china def more in track and field poss german too but can't see us being outdone in major style?

LobstersLass Sun 17-Aug-08 21:20:00

Because our cyclists have been superb. All of them have an excellent attitude, and they're there to win - not just to take part.

Piffle Sun 17-Aug-08 21:22:20

agree cyclists stunning mega champs
The rowers too super human effort and desire

mm22bys Tue 19-Aug-08 14:34:38

Team GB has done brilliantly, BUT, on a per capita basis Australia, with a third of your population, based on your 15 odd gold medals, should only have won 5. We've won 11.

Also, you guys are pumping millions into your good sports, in the lead up to 2012, and some of it has come early, due to motivation, guts, and pure hard work and determination. Australia did the same thing leading up to Sydney 2000, but now the funding has been cut, and our performance has gone down in the meantime. You guys will also do well in 2016, then what is happening to Australia (not just in the Olympic Games but in the rugby, tennis and cricket to a lesser extent) will happen....

GB has done brililantly though...

grouchyoscar Tue 19-Aug-08 15:47:07

16 golds

What the hell is happening

We used to be happy with 6

It is so fantastic

Congrats team GB, you've done us proud. Good on you all

findtheriver Tue 19-Aug-08 20:22:33

What I want to know is:

- when did beach volleyball become an Olympic sport
- WTF is yngling
- why is it always fucking cycling on the telly??

LaVieEnRose Tue 19-Aug-08 20:44:00

Australia are soooo jealous. Pissing myself laughing at them!

mayorquimby Wed 20-Aug-08 11:08:23

on the subject of the british olympics medals, do you think Ohuruogu should have been allowed compete seeing as she is a drugs cheat and others banned for not complying with the british drugs rules were not?

ninja Wed 20-Aug-08 11:12:12

She's not proved as a drugs cheat - she missed the tests.

I'm not defending her but from what I hear they turn up at where you're meant to be and if you've popped out for a paper they don't wait.....

Agree we're doing well because of the money that's been put in prior to the 2012 London Olympics. It sounds like the sports psychologists of the team have been amazing and that makes a huge difference

mayorquimby Wed 20-Aug-08 11:17:09

"She's not proved as a drugs cheat - she missed the tests."

i could accept that if it was one drugs test, but it was 3 which she admits where down to here own "forgetfullness". now to me she broke the rules so she cheated.
i'm not saying that she took drugs, but if you allow athletes to skip tests, serve their ban and then compete again you ae imo incentivising skipping tests for those who know they will fail.
it'd be a bit like allowing those who knew they would fail a breathelyser/blood test to get a lighter punishment when drink driving.

anyway i'm not british so it doesn't really affect me, i was just wondering what the genereal feeling over there is now?
surely either everyone should be allowed compete once a drugs ban has been served or no one should.

FAQ Wed 20-Aug-08 11:19:00

think we've done fab, possible medals in the boxing too, and don't forget the "surprise" medals - like Mason in the High Jump smile

mayorquimby Wed 20-Aug-08 11:48:49

also on another highjack note i'd just like to point out how well the irish boxers did yesterday.
hopefully we can finally get a gold medal that won't be tainted by drug scandals like our swimmer and horse.

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