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When do you think it will be physically impossible to break the world record in 100m?

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ghosty Sun 17-Aug-08 01:40:48

Usain Bolt is amazing BUT ... how is it possible to keep breaking the record?
Will there be a time when a man can run it in say, 7 seconds or even 5?
Surely it will be physically impossible at some point?

With the swimming records smashed this year they can attribute it to the the new suits they wear but even so ...

I am very hmm and think they must ALL be on drugs ...
What do you think?

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Sun 17-Aug-08 01:44:46

Do you know, my dh asked me exactly the same thing tonight?

NoBiggy Sun 17-Aug-08 01:45:03

It has crossed my mind. Advances in training, nutrition, clothing, track surface, all this is going to help. But there's not going to come a day when the race is won in a second, surely.

And I think they're not all on drugs. Or at least I'd like to think they're not. I did enjoy watching the big lad stroll to a world record

S1ur Sun 17-Aug-08 02:14:27

I don't think drugs, usually the records aren't smashed only shaved, but still. better tracks/training/equipment/trainers/tracks blah blah.

I think that eventually it'll become an issue of genetics/legitiment enhancement stuff. Which wil still be interesting actually.

Freckle Sun 17-Aug-08 04:09:21

I think that eventually it will be down to advances in timing technology, so they can measure time in 000s of a second instead of 00s.

I loved the way Bolt wasn't even trying for a world record. It makes you wonder what he could do if he was going full out - and when records are broken by so much (when previously only 00s of seconds were being shaved off) it does make you suspicious about drug use, which is a shame.

beansprout Sun 17-Aug-08 10:18:05

I think that we will see it broken less often. Yes, there will be advances in technology but progress will really be along the lines of Bolt, i.e. an incredible natural talent.

Freckle Sun 17-Aug-08 14:21:04

Slightly off-topic, but where's Sally Gunnell this year? She's usually a standard part of the commentating team but no sign of her so far.

Evelynsmum Sun 17-Aug-08 14:28:10

As Freckle said the current record won't last...Bolt wasn't running full out at the end. When he does it will be pretty tough to break it...(and no I don't think hes on drugs).

castille Sun 17-Aug-08 14:30:34

Freckle - that's what I was going to say

Bolt is superhuman. DH is convinced he's doped. But unless proved otherwise I'll continue to think that he simply has the most astonishing natural talent

nancy75 Sun 17-Aug-08 14:34:11

aparently bolt has been complaining about how many times he has been drug tested this olympics, he said they wont leave him alone, if this is the case i do think its really unfair that they dont come out and say this person was tested on whatever day and is clean. he is amazing though isnt he? he looked like he was just doing a warm up run!

Freckle Sun 17-Aug-08 14:49:16

Oh and Sue Barker should have chosen a mike with a black end as the one she is wearing just looks like a huge zit! They do have black ones as Michael Johnson is using one.

ghosty Sun 17-Aug-08 22:47:18

My brother did some marketing pr work for Puma (I think they sponsored Linford Christie years ago) and apparently it was common knowledge that ALL athletes are on something and it is a just a question of being on something that comes under the radar ...
But I don't know how much truth there is in that.
I just feel hmm about it.
When we were looking old 1970s footage of Mark Spitz last night DH said that obviously Michael Phelps is quicker because he doesn't have the drag of a Mahooosive Moustache grin

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sun 17-Aug-08 23:15:21

I think if Usain Bolt had not stopped running full tilt at 10 metres out then he may have gone under 9 seconds (his WR was 9.69).

I would hope that his amazing run is in most part to his 6ft5" frame being able to master a sprint technique. Most other sporty kids of that stature would have been sent off to do high jump or basketball. We may now see a whole host of really tall runners - similar to the changes in tennis, whereby the 6ft2" men appear quite short!

As for the drugs, they are testing 40% of competitors at these games, which is more than ever, but why not just test everyone? If I was the IOC, I'd also want to store a piece of genetic material from everyone for testing in the future when genetic modification/drugs that match genetic make-up are detectable. I don't think it's ever too late to expose a cheat.

idlingabout Mon 18-Aug-08 12:33:58

Yes it's a shame we are now so doubtful about athletes achievements due to the drugs situation. I think it is interesting that since they have really upped the testing that the USA haven't dominated the sprinting events this time ( so far).

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