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MP's / AM's john lewis type lists

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Peachy Thu 14-Aug-08 17:13:32

The expense claims for the AM's (Welsh assembly members) was published a few days ago

Now, I understand why an A
residing, say,, in Cardigan needs a second base- what is really annoying me is that our local AM and several others, all of whom live within 90 minutes max of the AM building, are claiming the max allowance.

Our AM lives ten minutes from us, I can get to the Assembly in 45 minutes so how come he needs to claim £3 short of the max £12.5k, including Sky TV? Surely Sky TV is a luxury- one don't have!


I halped with delivering elaflets for them before, don't think I will again.

Roskva Thu 14-Aug-08 23:32:13

And presumably AMs who are also MPs get to claim 2 lots of expenses, greedy b£gg$rs.

Aren't they supposed to be too busy doing their jobs to watch telly? If Sky is so essential to life that they can claim it on expenses, then shouldn't it be a tax deductible necessity for the rest of us?

Maybe you should put in an expenses claim for delivering their leaflets grin

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