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poor baby number 81

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Titania Thu 10-Feb-05 19:16:12

baby 81 Hope he is reunited soon.

BethAndHerBrood Thu 10-Feb-05 19:35:28

so sad

Titania Fri 11-Feb-05 07:26:30

made me hug my babies tight I can tell you.

lucy5 Fri 11-Feb-05 08:01:18

OMG! There for the grace of god go I.

Hulababy Fri 11-Feb-05 08:48:23

so sad; I hope he is reunited with his true family soon.

franke Mon 14-Feb-05 08:11:05

Looks like a happy ending

whimsy Mon 14-Feb-05 08:14:43

Oh, thats good

TwoIfBySea Mon 14-Feb-05 17:50:25

What a relief!

Hulababy Mon 14-Feb-05 17:55:04


lunavix Mon 14-Feb-05 17:58:06

Bless him

When you read the first article you're all like 'ooooh' about a couple trying to snatch him, but when you learn they are his parents, you can fully understand it. If 7 other couples tried to claim ds as theirs, I'd grab him and run!

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