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Not exactly "news" but hey, it's Friday - Jordan banned from Polo club do

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Thisismynewname Fri 01-Aug-08 09:58:22


I'm no fan of Jordan but I can't help but see this as a horrible sign of our nasty, class-obsessed society.

2shoes Fri 01-Aug-08 10:44:45

I agree stuck up loosers

StealthPolarBear Fri 01-Aug-08 10:46:41

i'm no fan of jordan but she is right

edam Fri 01-Aug-08 10:48:59

Hmm. Don't like the 'not quite our sort' approach (presumably) of the holders of this event. And I do like her line that she's mucked out more stables than most people there!

sherbetdipdab Fri 01-Aug-08 10:50:07

That Nikki Grahame from Big Brother is going so I can't see how they can allow her to use her ticket and not Jordan?!

Jordan has apparently been learning how to play polo too and has been used by Cartier before to promote their brand so it does seem off to me.

How do I know so much about this??!! blush

TheCrackFox Fri 01-Aug-08 11:58:30

AT least Jordan has earned her money and not just inherited it from daddy.

PrimulaVeris Fri 01-Aug-08 12:10:33

Not a Jordan fan either but I agree with her on this one.

I don't think the trust fund kids at Chinawhites have much to boast about in terms of class either, quite frankly.

mumblechum Fri 01-Aug-08 12:26:13

Lots of Wokingham pikeys go to that do every year. The ones whose 18 year olds drive Ferraris. God only knows where that money's coming from, at least Jordan earned hers legally.

mn Fri 01-Aug-08 12:29:10

anything against pikeys

FluffyMummy123 Fri 01-Aug-08 12:34:09

Message withdrawn

Kimi Fri 01-Aug-08 12:44:39

Thats really bad "her sort" whats that then someone who has worked had and become very secsessfull.

Maybe i she was a useless wag spending some over paid footballers money that would be more to their liking.

witchandchips Fri 01-Aug-08 12:47:24

but can't you just see the jilly cooper sequel to POLO based on jordon's attempt to conquer the polo world?

<<witch wonders if she can embarass herself by showing a too large memory of JC novels>>

<<then thinks FI>>

she will record a single (penned by Dancer Maitland) to raise funds to start up a team

The posh polo world will be typically snobby (as seen in RL) and also horrible to her eldest son but he will display an amazing horse whisper type talent to calm and train difficult horses

she will lose load of weight and have her hair cut "to reveal elfin features"

she will try to seduce Rupert Campbell Black, Ricky France-Lynch before realising that tabitha cambell black is her soul mate

chelsygirl Fri 01-Aug-08 12:47:33

I like Jordan, she's worked hard and done well

she's better keeping away from these snobs

Nagapie Fri 01-Aug-08 12:47:45

her response

Kimi Fri 01-Aug-08 13:00:09

Can you imagion if they said we don't want blacks, muslims or gays here.

Bloody shamefull is what it is.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 01-Aug-08 13:07:53

Message withdrawn

wheresthehamster Fri 01-Aug-08 13:10:32

Fucking snobs

ExterminAitch Fri 01-Aug-08 13:11:37

grin witch.

can't believe i agree with jordan. <head spins>

rebelmum1 Fri 01-Aug-08 13:27:37

You see what I like about Jordan is she turns negative reactions to her into press coverage and makes more money out of it.

rebelmum1 Fri 01-Aug-08 13:28:22

It's really over egging the cleaning out horseshit and saving for a pony ...

MsDemeanor Fri 01-Aug-08 13:31:09

Don't you think Polo looks totally chavtastic anyway? Rich chavs and posh chavs, but chavvy all the same (ie vulgar and tacky).
God, I think Jordan, as someone who actually has a sort of job, might be too classy for it. Can you imagine something too classy for Jordan (faints clean away)

paolosgirl Fri 01-Aug-08 13:32:09

What exactly did they say?

rebelmum1 Fri 01-Aug-08 13:33:13

Pygmalian springs to mind ..

rebelmum1 Fri 01-Aug-08 13:33:28

'move yer bloomin arse'

wheresthehamster Fri 01-Aug-08 13:34:55

It's probably committee wives. Too scared of their husbands getting hypnotised by her tits

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