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RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:10:11


lilibet Thu 10-Feb-05 09:11:21


RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:11:46



RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:12:55

sorry don't mean is going to marry on GMTV NOW

It has just been announced on GMTV and BBC News

katzguk Thu 10-Feb-05 09:14:47

surely he now can't be king. she's catholic and i'm sure we're not allowed a catholic queen!!

tiredemma Thu 10-Feb-05 09:15:57

i doubt she would be queen, i think there would be an uproar, she will probaly be a consort.

lunavix Thu 10-Feb-05 09:16:03

SHe probably won't be queen. Like the Queen and prince phillip.

RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:17:34

April 6th possibly to get married

And parliment will have to make special rules so she can't become queen

LIZS Thu 10-Feb-05 09:18:05

omg ! why ??

katzguk Thu 10-Feb-05 09:18:10

thats because only a male in line to the throne can be king - prince phillip. i think all kings wives are queens! will have to ask DH when he comes home, he's a historian and knows all about royality

WideWebWitch Thu 10-Feb-05 09:19:24


LIZS Thu 10-Feb-05 09:19:36

Wouldn't that date interfere with his Klosters ski holiday though

RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:20:25

Don't know they have just said April 6th on TV

RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:20:51

I think that is too quick though

RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:21:52

Full statement from CLARENCE HOUSE soon

tiredemma Thu 10-Feb-05 09:23:19

do you think that this will cause some kind of "national outcry"?
remember how Diana was the "queen of hearts" etc and camilla was seen to be the break up of charles and di's marriage?

i like prince charles, he has the right to get on with life with the woman he loves but he was a rat wasn't he during his marriage?

RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:23:38

BBC news announces it too

Kelly1978 Thu 10-Feb-05 09:24:07

I think Charles is being rather selfish. He does have a right to happiness, but he can't really expect people to accept Camilla as queen. He should abdicate if he really wants to marry her. I really thought he wouldn't.

AuntyQuated Thu 10-Feb-05 09:26:07


LIZS Thu 10-Feb-05 09:26:11

Guess it depends on how high profile a ceremony it would be. Would be hard to justify a full church C of E ceremony , but will be interesting if they have a religious blessing as a C of e one may not be fully recognised by RC church. It is aroudn the anniversayr of QM's death too - not sure she'd have approved.

RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:27:13

I am totally on Diana's side

He was a real @@@>@ before and during the wedding

He was really horrible to Diana

tiredemma Thu 10-Feb-05 09:28:43

absolutly kelly- id be outraged if she was made queen.
they would both need a new title after the wedding as she could not be princess of wales surely?
i dont think the queen is stupid- im sure she has thought of all this. Charles couldnt really become king while having a relationship with a divorcee and being a divorcee himself, so isuppose he may have been quite happy to carry on as he was but was "co-erced" into getting married as it looks better- but no way can she be queen, absolutly not.

katzguk Thu 10-Feb-05 09:30:54

theres no reason why HE can't egt married in a CofE church since although he was divorced from diana he is now a widow, ie he couldn't have made up with her even if he wanted therefore he is free to marry whoever he wants, equally the same in the eyes of the catholic church. But she is also a divorcee so SHE may be the one who stops them being able to get marrie din church

Bozza Thu 10-Feb-05 09:35:02

I'm sure that it will all have been discussed and the advisors will have worked out all the implications and the best way forward before it was announced. Will be interesting to see how it pans out though. Presumably it will be a private wedding whatever.

RTKangaMummy Thu 10-Feb-05 09:37:51

They are saying she may be duchess of cornwall

or something like that

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