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Now I've read it all!!!!!

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eidsvold Thu 10-Feb-05 02:56:47

this just blew me away when I first heard about it on the news.....


think they have a few roos loose in the top paddock these parents

pinkwhistle Thu 10-Feb-05 05:45:57

I know eidsvold, it is awful, it has been all over the news here in Perth. Nobody knows who she is though. Except presumably her relatives and friends since her photo has been posted all over the place. If I was her I would be in hiding.

At least ebay saw sense and removed the listing.

Seriously can you imagine any corporation or business being stupid enough to actually buy into this? It would be a PR nightmare. Not to mention the poor little girl, who might have been lobbed with a name like Crazy Johns or something.

Where will the commercialism end???

emmatmg Thu 10-Feb-05 06:52:57

Some people.......

winnie Thu 10-Feb-05 07:48:15

coppertop Thu 10-Feb-05 08:39:15

pixiefish Thu 10-Feb-05 08:43:33

look at this then some people are so ......

pixiefish Thu 10-Feb-05 08:47:03

look here as ell this is the same woman as the labour one

coppertop Thu 10-Feb-05 08:49:26

Is nothing sacred anymore??

pixiefish Thu 10-Feb-05 08:50:37

looks like they're really hard up though- begging for a dollar on ebay- or maybe they're scam merchants- who knows

hercules Thu 10-Feb-05 08:53:58

marthamoo Thu 10-Feb-05 09:32:36

Some people really do not deserve to be parents

eidsvold Thu 10-Feb-05 12:01:14

i was thinking more about - what if someone like toilet duck or maggi noodles or something like that won the rights..... you are right - some people are just weird....

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