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Dawn Primarolo on R4 this am

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Jux Wed 23-Jul-08 10:22:33

Don't know what she was talking about! She was sooooooooooooooo bloody patronising I couldn't listen (is this what it feels like to be a kid being nagged at by parents?!

God she's a ghastly woman. I hope they never trot her out as a spokesperson ever again. I just couldn't listen to what she was saying at all - just that awful patronising tone all the time.

lljkk Wed 23-Jul-08 10:23:23

what was she talking about?

ScottishMummy Wed 23-Jul-08 10:33:18

dawn primarolo is a labour MP DoH what has she been discussing on R4?did i miss anything contentions, owt juicy

Jux Wed 23-Jul-08 10:50:09

Does anyone know what she was talking about? I can't bear to listen again

MrsRecycle Wed 23-Jul-08 10:51:29

she screwed up the Tax Credits says it all.

Jux Wed 23-Jul-08 10:55:37


I came across her a bit in an old job before she was elected. I always thought she was a bit dim, but everyone else did the jumpy-up-and-downy-thing about how wonderful she was.

Bad at her job and patronising too. What excellent MPs we have these days.

Jux Wed 23-Jul-08 11:06:30

I've just found it on the BBC site. She was talking about alcohol here

rebelmum1 Wed 23-Jul-08 11:17:05

This Gov seem to do everything by legislation we have created more laws than any other soon we will all be criminals.

Firepile Wed 23-Jul-08 11:19:02

Didn't hear her this am, but she sounds so drippy and patronising (and stupid) on everything else, that it doesn't surprise me at all.

And it is so counter productive to have someone who plays to the stereotypes being public health minister...

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