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Go on the game or lose your unemployment benefit

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Caligula Sat 05-Feb-05 19:55:09


Someone sent me this link today and I was so shocked by this I thought it must be an internet hoax or something. Can this be true? It looks like it's genuinely from the Telegraph, but I can't believe that in Western Europe after 40 years of feminism, women are being expected to be prostitutes? Is this for real? Somebody tell me it's a hoax, please!

JanH Sat 05-Feb-05 20:03:53

Is this the German one? (didn't read your link!) I defo read this as well this week and don't think it was in the Telegraph...could still be a spoof I spose...

stupidgirl Sat 05-Feb-05 20:09:29

That's shocking and horrifying.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 05-Feb-05 20:17:27

It's genuinely on the telegraph site. Scary.

suedonim Sat 05-Feb-05 21:36:23

It was in the RL Torygraph, so I guess it is true.

open Sat 05-Feb-05 21:45:25

Absolutely awful.

WideWebWitch Sun 06-Feb-05 09:10:16

I'm shocked at this, I really am. Surely there's EU legislation that covers her human rights or something? Outrageous.

tribpot Sun 06-Feb-05 10:03:37

I imagine legislation in Germany will be modified the first time an unemployed bloke is forced to work as a male prostitute ...

WideWebWitch Sun 06-Feb-05 10:04:59

We should be taking to the streets about this, we really should.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 06-Feb-05 10:08:50

Makes you really think about the whole issue of legalising prostitution. Amazing, imagine being sued because you didn't make women take up sex industry jobs against their will. Madness. Complete and utter madness!

Caligula Sun 06-Feb-05 10:24:18

Well actually, it's logical.

If prostitution is accepted as legal and therefore there's nothing wrong with it, it's just like any other job.

If unemployed people can be forced into doing any job, then why not force them into prostitution? Its legality is proof of its suitability.

Obviously, I don't believe that, but if you accept that unemployed people should be forced into jobs and you accept that prostition should be legal, then it's illogical to argue that benefit claimants shouldn't be forced to accept a job like any other.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 06-Feb-05 10:31:36

That's what's so mad about it Caligula, the fact that morally we don't think that people should be forced into the sex industry and yet legally they can be. Just another reminder that the powers that be don't think things through.

wobblyknicks Sun 06-Feb-05 10:36:03

One thing is though, surely there's a case here, just like any other job, that a woman could apply for the job making it clear that she didn't want to engage in anything 'sexual' and if she was taken on anyway and asked to 'perform' she could leave the job and cite sexual harrassment and/or discrimination?

hatsoff Sun 06-Feb-05 10:40:17

This would almost certainly contravene international and/or European human rights law...I'll be on to it Monday am

emmatmg Sun 06-Feb-05 10:42:24

OMG..........that is outrageous!!

gothicmama Sun 06-Feb-05 11:25:16

absoulutley shocking but it is the logical conclusion to legalisation and efforts to reduce social security spending - NOT ON AT ALL tho we should protest somehow

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