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"Father-of-three branded a 'pervert' - for photographing his own children in public park"

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minorityrules Wed 16-Jul-08 13:00:11


I find this hysteria about paedophiles so sad, why are some parents like this today?

princessofpower Wed 16-Jul-08 13:10:57

Message withdrawn

PaulineMole1 Wed 16-Jul-08 13:12:39

I saw it this morning on GMTV he had to find a police officer who them told the braying mob group of parents to stop been ridiculous .

FioFio Wed 16-Jul-08 13:13:14

Message withdrawn

ronshar Wed 16-Jul-08 13:15:49

This country is going up shite creek without a paddle.

RubberDuck Wed 16-Jul-08 13:20:29

It's sadly getting increasingly common. Either that or being labelled a terrorist if you take a photo of a street.

Amateur photography as a hobby (and let's face it, he was probably picked out because he had an entry level DSLR rather than a compact camera) generates a lot of antagonism these days

LittleBella Wed 16-Jul-08 13:24:52

The funniest thing is the readers' comments

RubberDuck Wed 16-Jul-08 13:40:59

Yeah, if you count the one where a man was treated suspiciously because he comforted his own daughter in the playground when she fell over, "funny".

Cammelia Wed 16-Jul-08 13:43:59

I photograph dd endlessly in public

Its because it was a man I presume

ie. all men are perverts

rebelmum1 Wed 16-Jul-08 13:58:35

It's bonkers if you ask me.

Kevlarhead Mon 21-Jul-08 20:25:03

There was a nice piece in the Guardian today (couldn't find it on their website) written by a woman who was going for a wander in some woods with her grandson, and was interrupted by a policeman called in by some 'concerned' passerby. Who then insisted in accompanying them home, to make sure she wasn't a kidnapping paedophile OAP.

edam Mon 21-Jul-08 20:35:47

Oh fgs, don't these thickos have anything real to worry about? <<grumpy emoticon required>>

edam Mon 21-Jul-08 20:36:21

(I mean the people who get hysterical when someone gets a camera out within 100 mile radius of any child.)

ivykaty44 Mon 21-Jul-08 20:39:12

I saw this on local news last week - hmm The play worker interviewed told a different story and it all didn't add up to him being accused of being a pead.

I think he has tryed to blow this up from nothing.

iliketosleep Tue 22-Jul-08 11:37:26

this is our local park and there are always TONS of people there with their cameras out snapping away.

Its a big park with a big pond full of ducks, a big play park for the kids etc

I dont understand why this one man was singled out and to call him a pervert was totally ludacris!

Makes me so proud to live in wolverhampton hmm

Booboobedoo Tue 22-Jul-08 11:44:29

Even if someone does secretly take a picture of your child and posts it on the net on some dodgy site, how on earth does it actually harm your child?

People who get kicks from this stuff... well, it's there problem, not yours. Having the screaming habdabs about having photos of your child innocently enjoying themselves displayed in public is just muddy thinking.

Booboobedoo Tue 22-Jul-08 11:44:52


savoycabbage Tue 22-Jul-08 11:50:08

We went to a fair at my dh's work last year and there was a father there taking photos of his dcs and there was a big hoohaa about it afterwards. People were complaining and actually saying that he was a pervert. The company told people not to come this year if they objected to photos being taken but the man from last year didn't have his camera!

I wanted to take a photo of my 21 month old riding a pony as it was the first time she has done anything like that and I wanted to put it in her baby book.

GooseyLoosey Tue 22-Jul-08 11:56:45

There is a genuine problem with the way people perceive how men should act around children though. I was genuinely shocked that the consensus here yesterday on a thread about whether a father should bath his child's friends was "no".

As a society we have truely lost the capacity to properly evaluate and deal with risk!

PortAndLemon Tue 22-Jul-08 11:56:51

Here is the Guardian article

Booboobedoo Tue 22-Jul-08 11:59:30

I blame Viz.

"All men are penis-wielding oppressors and potential rapists". (Millie Tant).

TinkerBellesMum Tue 22-Jul-08 12:05:14

It's a shame that things are like that. I feel sorry for men, it must be so hard to do anything when you have the constant worry of what someone will think.

UnquietDad Tue 22-Jul-08 12:08:42

That Grauniad article made me feel really sad. I bet if Dorothy was attacked by some knife-wielding ASBO thug, or had her handbag snatched, it would take her ages to get the police to take any interest.

TinkerBellesMum Tue 22-Jul-08 12:14:17

Just read that Guardian article, shock I can't believe the way she was treated, they should have complained.

Upwind Wed 23-Jul-08 10:56:18

That Guardian article says it all really. sad

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