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Who says politics isn't romantic?????

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Gwenick Fri 04-Feb-05 00:22:23

romantic politics?

Gwenick Fri 04-Feb-05 00:22:42

And OMG I've finally got a link to work properly!

Joolstoo Fri 04-Feb-05 00:26:53

blimey - that was quick - watched it live then came up to MN - well found Gwenick!

Gwenick Fri 04-Feb-05 00:27:42

Didn't actually watch it - just saw the news article on the BBC website - tried to watch the replay online but for some reason only got sound

suedonim Fri 04-Feb-05 17:13:43

I was watching QT last night - I wondered what on earth the Q was going to be, after DavidD's preamble to it!! Very sweet.

Freckle Fri 04-Feb-05 17:54:22

I saw it too and the poor woman was totally g*bsmacked. How fortunate that she said yes. Although DD did say that she didn't have to answer the question.

TwoIfBySea Fri 04-Feb-05 21:34:16

It was sweet though wasn't it! Good luck to them and congrats to Gwenick on getting her link to work, took me ages to figure it out too!

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