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We should all leave Barclays

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Beetroot Fri 11-Jul-08 21:32:17


MarkStretch Fri 11-Jul-08 21:38:37

And their telephone banking is shit.

Beetroot Fri 11-Jul-08 21:41:08

now need ot convince dh

Beetroot Sat 12-Jul-08 07:10:09


seeker Sat 12-Jul-08 07:12:44

I am old enought still to be boycotting Barclays becasue of their stance on South Africa!

Beetroot Sat 12-Jul-08 07:18:38

yes I was - and then returned to them.

now I see the error of my ways.

The coop is theplace to go I think

Ladytophamhatt Sat 12-Jul-08 07:23:27

blimey, we left them ages ago becasue they were crap but the shit will really hit the fan for them now, won't it?

Tutter Sat 12-Jul-08 07:26:36

that's an old article

Tutter Sat 12-Jul-08 07:26:54

so not really "in the news" wink

Beetroot Sat 12-Jul-08 07:28:34

6 months on it is still very much in the news.

We should be doing something about it rather than quibbling about 'in the news'

Tutter Sat 12-Jul-08 07:30:35

just wondered what had prompted your post today

Beetroot Sat 12-Jul-08 07:36:36

a discussion I was having with a journo friend

Tutter Sat 12-Jul-08 07:41:41

another view from

THE British government is ratcheting up pressure on Barclays Bank plc, the UK fourth largest bank to pull out of Zimbabwe, as London seeks to pile up financial sanctions on Harare.

But Barclays Zimbabwe, which is 67,8 percent owned by Barclays plc, reinforced yesterday it will not pull out of the country it has serviced for nearly a century.

"Barclays has operated in Zimbabwe for almost 100 years, serving interest of the Zimbabwean people under successive governments, in a way that we believe to be responsible and ethical," said Barclays head of corporate affairs Valeta Mthimkulu.

"Wherever we operate, we are apolitical and we seek to comply with relevant laws."

A member of the Welsh Assembly in the UK Lesley Griffiths, has written to senior executives at Barclays Bank UK calling on them to "make a stand" against Zimbabwe through suspension of its operations in the country.

She has written to the Barclays Bank chairman, Marcus Agius and chief executive John Varley, urging them to stop operating here until the economic challenges are resolved.

Barclays Zimbabwe, the country's biggest bank by market capitalisation ($17 150 trillion) said it would be irresponsible to suspend operations as over 10 000 people rely upon the bank for the financial security.

"We have around 2 000 staff and pensioners in Zimbabwe," said Mthimkulu.

"Typically, each will have three to four direct dependents, meaning that there are some 8 000 to 10 000 people which rely upon Barclays for their financial security.

"Maintaining the security of their incomes, as well as their safety is of prime importance to us."

Tutter Sat 12-Jul-08 07:44:16

btw, am not defending the bank's position - am just pointing out that there would be serious ramifications for many zimbabweans - the vast majority being innocent civilians - should barclays shut down its operations there

oi Sat 12-Jul-08 07:48:25

there are other banks there too

did you see the look on the UK ambassador to the UN' s face when Russia and China vetoed their vote for sanctions? Not that I believe any of that will help. He's a madman. Nothing will change quickly.

Twinkie1 Sat 12-Jul-08 08:14:35

A run of customers removing funds and boycotting a major high street bank is so not what the British economy needs right now - it could have serious ramifications on this country's economic stability making the credit crunch worse and effecting mortgages and consumer loans in a big way!

Marina Sat 12-Jul-08 08:17:40

Me too seeker
Have never banked with them for that reason

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