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Were you aware that you can buy a 'wife-beater';?

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Levanna Mon 31-Jan-05 00:37:46

Talk about UNpc! Second paragraph of this article . How strange!

jabberwocky Mon 31-Jan-05 00:52:00

Yep, that's what they're called over here. Shocking isn't it? Who would think of a name like that for a t-shirt?

Levanna Wed 02-Feb-05 01:04:23

I hadn't heard the term before (not related to clothing anyway!). I found it intruiging when I came across it, following the recent PC threads where perceived insults are being eeked out (Such as baabaa sheep) in England. Do most people refer to a particular t-shirt in this way?

Moomina Wed 02-Feb-05 07:18:45

I think it's an American term. I had never heard it until xh (who is American) used it. Charming, isn't it?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 02-Feb-05 07:20:08

It's an American term, it just means a vest.

And it's really a comment on the supposed behaviour of the sort of men who wear vests in public.

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