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Waterstones boycott, anybody?

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JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 14:38:26

Guardian story with link to blog.

I suspect calling the place Bastardstones was a tactical error but still don't see why they had to sack the poor bugger.

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 14:39:01

tamum, is that the one I met you in?

tamum Wed 12-Jan-05 14:42:28

Oh, I was just reading this! Yes, as far as I can see from the picture it's the very one- there are 3 here but the other two have different style fronts. There's a blue plaque on it now, natch I think it's really awful- he didn't name anyone, did he? I can't believe they'd get away with this if he took them to a tribunal. If only Amazon hadn't lost my last parcel I would be sticking with them from now on

Marina Wed 12-Jan-05 14:44:34

Given they had no policy in place specifically offering guidance on employee use of the net, I think they were wrong and harsh to sack him. He deserved a ticking-off, the eejit, but they overreacted in my view.
(Decides to postpone work on satirical novel about the lunacies of the higher education sector).

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 14:47:41

hi, tamum!

There is a link on his blog to a site called Edinburgers (I think) where this is being discussed, they seem to be divided - "Bastardstones" grounds for dismissal, some think.

They haven't gone through proper channels and given him a verbal or written warning first - but for gross misconduct you don't have to, the question is whether what he did was gross misconduct; they'd have a job proving that, wouldn't they? (???)

Any employment lawyers here?

moondog Wed 12-Jan-05 14:47:56

What, a sort of latter day 'Lucky Jim' Marina?
Sure it would be a best seller!

tamum Wed 12-Jan-05 14:52:11

Ooh yes, I'm an employment lawyer. Oh no, sorry, I made that up

Hi Janh

winnie1 Wed 12-Jan-05 15:02:11

I am not surprised. Do you remember the manager of a waterstones store in Manchester, Robert Topping, being sacked for refusing to toe the line on bestsellers?

weightwatchingwaterwitch Wed 12-Jan-05 15:14:01

Seems heavyhanded to me, it was an anonymous blog ffs wasn't it? What's it to do with them? I'll be interested to see what happens.

Marina Wed 12-Jan-05 15:19:47

My sister knew him Winnie, she was working in that branch p/t. I thought the autocratic heavyhandedness left with Tim Waterstone, clearly not.
Moondog, I wish! That novel is a classic. I think mine might be an unseemly mix of Jackie Collins and Franz Kafka...

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