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So, it looks like Boris is going to win.....

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JeremyVile Fri 02-May-08 10:53:20

Boris Johnson.
How the feck did that happen??

Hoping the BBC are just joshing with us...

policywonk Sat 03-May-08 22:41:06

But missey, BJ WON. The Standard's campaign against KL was a huge part of the story. Whereas The G's campaign against BJ was unsuccessful, and therefore Not News.

onebatmother Sat 03-May-08 22:43:10

chefswife, sorry, I wasn't very clear, was I? grin
I was saying that there may be, perhaps, a cultural liberal bias in News Reporting, which is reflective of an under-40, educated workforce: but that this in no way amounts to a political bias.

But that elsewhere in the BBC's output - which I would argue is just as influential in terms of insidious influence - the bias is only towards what will rate - or sell internationally - and that this position is directly opposed, as a working ethos, to liberalism.

Is that clearer? if not, I'll try again. I am a bit of a derbrain tonight.

Swedes Sat 03-May-08 22:44:10

Policyw - I agree. I am not a huge BBC user. R4 and Newsnight Review is my fodder. R4 - see no evidence of any bias at all and Newsnight Review is massively biased but this is more than balanced out by Nick Robinson reporting from outside Downing Street on a bad day for the Labour Party.

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