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So, it looks like Boris is going to win.....

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JeremyVile Fri 02-May-08 10:53:20

Boris Johnson.
How the feck did that happen??

Hoping the BBC are just joshing with us...

limecrush Fri 02-May-08 10:58:29

has he actually won yet?? am scared

WinkyWinkola Fri 02-May-08 10:59:20

Record numbers of people voting in London.

We won't know until this evening.

I'll be gutted if Boris wins. He's a berk. He will be an embarrassment to London.

JeremyVile Fri 02-May-08 10:59:21

No. There is still hope.
I think it's announced 6pm ish.

foxinsocks Fri 02-May-08 11:01:08

they can't possibly have a clue. So much depends on the 2nd vote and it's impossible to predict the voting for the smaller parties.

Yes, we had a huge turnout here I think too www.

TheFallenMadonna Fri 02-May-08 11:08:49

I wonder how much is pro-Boris, how much is anti-Ken and how much is anti-Brown...

My mum's opinion (from canvassing) is that giving Brown a bit of a kicking is a popular choice.

Does Ken regret coming back into the fold now I wonder?

JeremyVile Fri 02-May-08 11:09:11

OK. Am thinking positive. They have to make the next 7 hours a bit sexy, don't they?

CountessDracula Fri 02-May-08 11:09:58

Oh no
he is such a moron

Threadwworm Fri 02-May-08 11:11:39

Something similar happened up here in the north east.

I am so loving not being a Londoner just now.

JeremyVile Fri 02-May-08 11:15:01

Gosg. That is a very similar story grin

moondog Fri 02-May-08 11:17:45

I remember that monkey bloke.
How did he get on?

Our nationalist MP (good mate) really likes Boris. Bizarrely he collaborated on some stuff with Plaid Cymru.

I think change is no bad thing and, dare i say it, the utter lack of humous endemic in lefties is begining to grate.

Just don;t like the idea of the UK being run by a little gang of old schoolmates. Not good.

BigGitHamsterKillingDad Fri 02-May-08 11:20:28

At least it has made the election interesting, which is why the turnout seems to be high.
Mrs BGD says she looked at both pamphlets for the candidates and said they both said the same thing. Does not surprise me really given it's pretty obvious what most people want. ie reduced crinme, better transport, cleaner streets etc etc.

BigGitHamsterKillingDad Fri 02-May-08 11:22:02

Funny though how you have a right wing candidate called Boris?grin
I'm waiting for a Left wing candidate called Benito Johnson...

EffiePerine Fri 02-May-08 11:25:33

Well I'm all for competition in elections. Unlike last time (remember Steven Norris anyone? No?). Also, though I'm not convinced on Boris (unlike DH who has been feverishly campaigning for him and will be getting VERY drunk if he wins) I could not vote for Ken again. I just thing he's too laissez faire with taxpayers' money and has got complacent. Will be v depressed if we get 4 more years of the same...

of course, in true wussy liberal fashion I voted for Paddick, but he obv has no chance.

TheFallenMadonna Fri 02-May-08 11:30:16

LOL at lefties' "lack of humous"!

I know you take food issues seriously moondog...

moondog Fri 02-May-08 11:31:53

Ay,true enough.
Am also a humourless Leftie meself.
I recognize the species see, and it aint pretty. grin

EffiePerine Fri 02-May-08 11:33:16

Moondog: there is the (possibly spurious) argument that no-one really likes Ken (copyright Neil Kinnock) whereas (according to DH) Boris a surprising success on the campaign trail - people who are not keen initially end up getting on with him.

LOL at humous

BigGitHamsterKillingDad Fri 02-May-08 11:36:47

Truth in that, I can see myself having a pint with Boris but not Ken.

QueenMeabhOfConnaught Fri 02-May-08 11:36:53

God almighty - the shame of having a mayor like Boris - I would have to pretend I didn't live in London!!!!

Izzywhizzy Fri 02-May-08 11:39:14

Results aren't announced until 6.30-ish (later if there has to be re-counts, etc).

I think that people are predicting a Boris win, because of the high turnout in outer London boroughs (traditionally more Tory supporting).

Izzywhizzy Fri 02-May-08 11:41:21

As much as I want Boris to win, one good thing about a high turnout is that it makes it harder for the BNP to get an Assembley seat. They only need 5% of the Londonwide vote to get an assembley member (they got 4.7% in 2004).

Clouds, silver-lining, etc....

EffiePerine Fri 02-May-08 11:42:01

High turnout is VERY good news. Am actually interested in the results this time round.

(I have found that I am invited to a party for Tury activists though, which I am rather hmm about. I don't think they realise I am not supportive Tory housewife. I will have to be tactful (hard) and keep gob shut (harder))

JeremyVile Fri 02-May-08 11:42:16

I can't dislike Boris.
I wouldn't mind buying shares and wheeling him out for dinner parties.
Not that I have dinner parties. But if I did.
There's no doubt he's entertaining.
Also I'm slightly disillusioned with Ken, but it would really get my goat for London to be presided over by a Conservative Mayor.
Then when that Conservative happens to be Boris.....

specialmagiclady Fri 02-May-08 11:43:42

I thought the Left was riddled with Humous. Right far more into British food than fancy foreign muck, shurely?

Izzywhizzy Fri 02-May-08 11:44:05

Effie!! How are you going to bear their gloating?? You're a stronger woman than me.

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