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So sad. Twin Sally's body has been found:(

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Blossomhill Sat 08-Jan-05 10:14:46

Here we go again.

Story is here

noddyholder Sat 08-Jan-05 10:21:57

this is so awful her poor family

SPARKLER1 Sat 08-Jan-05 10:25:30

Libb Sat 08-Jan-05 10:26:36

It is awful. I have spent many an evening in that pub, it seems so weird. My friend was there on New Year's Eve and remembers having a chat with the girl that night. She did phone the police although there wasn't much to tell.

My thoughts go out to her family and friends xxx

Gwenick Sat 08-Jan-05 10:30:44

Well that story isn't 'strictly' correct. As of this moment in time forensic scientists haven't actually finisihed completing tests to make 100% certain that this is her body. And no-one has said it is her

Obviously the chances are it 'is' Sally - and if so a terribly sad story :-(

scaltygirl Sat 08-Jan-05 10:32:33

Message withdrawn

vict17 Sat 08-Jan-05 10:35:47

I feel for the friends who were with her that night who must surely be thinking 'why didn't we go with her'. Those 'if only's' must be devastating

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