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Text Donations - Tsunami Appeal

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Snugs Wed 05-Jan-05 12:04:59

Don't know if anyone has pointed this one out already so just in case:

Text the word DONATE to 83321.

£1.50 donation from your phone credit. If everyone could donate and then pass the message on to even just 1 number in their phone book it could raise a hell of a lot very quickly.


boudicca Wed 05-Jan-05 12:40:58


Snugs Wed 05-Jan-05 13:04:26


Frizbe Wed 05-Jan-05 13:36:46


jofeb04 Wed 05-Jan-05 15:23:30


morningmayhem Wed 05-Jan-05 16:04:06


Iloveromance Wed 05-Jan-05 16:05:09

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Wed 05-Jan-05 16:07:51

It donates 1.50. If you want to donate more you would have to text more than once (ie £1.50 each time)

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