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MAMA DVD Borrow for free, a must for all parents (A bit long, sorry)

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Bunglie Tue 04-Jan-05 15:15:59

As most of you so kindly lit a candle on Christmas Eve, remembering all the children and parents seperated at Christmas for whatever the reason, most of you will have realised that I was falsely accused by Prof. Roy Meadow of having Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP. This Professor is coming before the GMC later this month and many thousands of children have been removed from loving homes and adopted. Sadly some of them were removed within minutes of being born.
I could go on, and on. In my own case this man diagnosed me without seeing me, or seeing or speaking to any doctor who had ever treated me or read any of my medical notes. Yet he said I had MSbP and was a danger to my 2 children who were adopted. It has since been prooved that a disease he said was too rare for me to have, I do in fact have and has placed me in a wheelchair.
Since the sucessful appeal of Angela Cannings, Trupti Patel and Sally Clarke many of the Criminal cases that he gave expert evidence at have had their judgments overturned. But these were Criminal cases, I was cleared and found innocent by a criminal court but a Civil Court of the Family Division is held in secret. Parents are imposed with gagging orders so that they can not speak out and my 2 children who were adopted I am not permitted to talk about or tell anyone anything about the case. Just writing this means I have broken the law.

The situation is far worse for many parents and through the support of Mumsnet many of us have been able to support one another but more importantly the support from 'normal' parents not falsely accused has meant so much to us all.

I have managed to get some DVD's of a film by the Oscar Nominated Amy Sommer and Nonny De La Pena, called MAMA after the website of the same name (Mothers Against Munchausens Allegations).

Having checked the copywrite etc they are very happy for me to send a copy out to anyone who want's to see it and the only condition is that you make no charge for people to see the film.

If you would like to borrow a copy of the film I have 3-4 copies. I will send them out on a first come basis. All you have to do is CAT Janh your address. You will be sent the film in a Jiffy bag, so if you could open it carefully you can then use the same Jiffy bag to return the film to Janh when you have watched it. Inside will also be a sticky address label with Janh's address on for you to stick over the address to you. All I ask from you is to pay for the return postage (64p I think?).

I know I have a personal interest in this subject but I feel that it is the duty of every parent to realise what has been happening secretly in this country for more than 15 years. This film is very fair, it gives both sides and also has the last known interview with Meadow's on which has to be seen to be believed.

I know I have asked a lot of you already but if you would like to see this film then please CAT Janh.

I am happy to write the film synopsis if you would like to read it...

I am sorry that this has been so long.
Love to all and a happy 2005.

WigWamBam Wed 05-Jan-05 19:25:22

Bumping for you, Bunglie

jollymum Wed 05-Jan-05 19:31:21

OMG-I didn't know anything about this. I am so sorry for your troubles. Is there anything else we coul do, because we're not banned I expect, to help in any way. I would like to see this and will certainly sort it out.Have you any linking threads I could read?

Bunglie Thu 06-Jan-05 12:26:24

Thank you Jollymum. All I ask of people is to CAT Janh their Address (an email address would be useful too!) so that a copy of the MAMA DVD can be sent to you to borrow.
I ask you to watch it with an open mind and then if you are interested in helping mothers like myself perhaps you could post your thoughts of the MAMA DVD either on this thread or the MSbP thread HERE .
If when you receive your copy of the DVD you could open the Jiffy bag with care, you can use it to return the DVD, by using the sticky return address label enclosed.

Please find the time to watch this.

The mama site is HERE . You can get a synopsis of the dvd from the site.

On the back of the DVD it says;

The topic matter is heart-wrenching and as important as any story out there today.

MAMA/M.A.M.A., from the Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker Amy Somer (Waco, Rules of Engagement) and writer director, Nonny de la Pena (the Jaundiced eye,Unconstitutional), is an in-depth investigation of Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). The film explores a bizarre form of supposed child abuse in which a mother pretends her child is ill - or allegedly makes her child sick - in order to get sympathy and praise of the medical community. Through careful research, scientific experiments and extensive interviews mama\M.A.M.A. reveals the frightening story behind the supposed mental illness that continues to tear families apart, even though its founder has been discredited.

This groundbreaking documentary will force people around the world to take a long, hard look at the facts in cases where Munchausen syndrome by proxy is used to punish women who seek help for their sick children. The filmmakers explore the possibility that doctors are medicating infants with drugs never aproved for paediatric use, and medical professionals who diagnose the mother without even meeting the mother in question.

The last known interview given by Sir Roy Meadow.
Updates on the families since production finished.

Bunglie Thu 06-Jan-05 12:28:28

I forgot to put that if you click on the link to the MAMA site, you sometimes get a load of 'gobledygook', so if you press 'refresh' it goes away! I do not understand why, sorry.

kalex Thu 06-Jan-05 17:58:06

BUnglie, Would like the DVD as soon as it's free. Will contact JanH, the PA extrodonaire with my address.

Think of you in my prayers always.

beansprout Thu 06-Jan-05 18:04:17

Bunglie - I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of your situation either, but then I spend too much time on strands about gerbils! Will contact JanH. Thanks for letting us know.

mishi1977 Thu 06-Jan-05 18:10:22

Bunglie..i am sorry you have had to go through this nightmare and to anyone else experiencing similair. It truly is a tragedy...would love to watch the DVD but dont know how to cat people...sorry a bit email is

Take care and thinking of u

JanH Thu 06-Jan-05 18:28:01

To cut down on CATting (for anyone who hasn't done it yet) my email is holden_jan at hotmail dot com. Please send me your postal addresses (and tell me who you are on MN) and then we can get the DVDs sent out.

JanH Thu 06-Jan-05 18:29:32

Incidentally 2 people have already been in touch so they will get their copies first, I will arrange the next ones into a tidy queue and let them know where they are in it!

Bunglie Fri 07-Jan-05 11:44:59

You are all so lovely thank you and a special thank you to Janh for agreeing to extend her P.A. Duties to DVD Librarian.
The first 4 DVD's are going today to the following postcodes.
B91 2LT
PH41 2RP
So you know who you are!
They are coming direct from me, so as to save time, but if you could open the Jiffy Bag carefully by cutting along the fold at the top you can re-use it to return the DVD in. (Just stick it together with sellotape!). The only other thing you will find inside the Jiffy bag is a sticky label with Janh's name and address on, so if you can then stick this over the address label and return it to Janh for the next person who would like to borrow it. Oh! If you could also just put a slip of paper with your name and address inside the bag when you return it we can then keep track of who has got them.
I hope that this makes sense.
The only cost I am asking you to make is the return postage to Janh, but if you really can't manage it I will ask Janh to enclose some stamps for you. I would rather that every mother who wants to see this film does as I think it is very important that people are made aware of what is still going on in the secrecy of the civil family courts.
I will copy this posting and put it on the MSbP 4 thread.
Thank you for making the time to watch this. I would be interested to know your comments but I think it would be nice if I could email some of your thoughts on this DVD to the film maker, Amy Sommer, as she kindly sent me an extra copy when I told her why I wanted so many.
Finally Janh has asked that you email her your address instead of using the CAT fascility, and her address is holden_jan@hotmail(dot)com.

Please if you can make time to watch this docu/drama DVD. It is in my opinion the best and fairest production I have ever seen. It portrays all sides of the argument and interviews with Meadow's,Southall and other doctors.

Thank you all again love Bunglie XX

Bunglie Fri 07-Jan-05 16:16:58

Update on postage details and costs for you.

Please note I only ask that you pay the return postage to Janh's address, for which there is a sticky label in the envelope for the Jiffy bag.

3 of them have been sent using different forms of postage so I could get the costs, they are;
to,(first bit is post code of the recipient)

B91 2LT Recorded Delivery £1.12p
PH41 2RP 1st Class 60p
PH1 1NZ 2nd class 47p

It is up to you which postage you return the DVD's to Janh, but you can ask for a certificate of poting, to prove postage and it will not cost you extra, if you want to. You do not have to send them recorded unless you know the postal system in your area is a bit 'dodgy' shall we say!

I hope that this is of some help to you, and to you Janh as you will be sending them out in future.

It would be helpful if you could post here when you receive your package, just so I know it arrived and how long it took.

Many thanks again, Bunglie XX

Bunglie Sat 08-Jan-05 17:05:36

Just giving this a bump in case you did not see it yesterday.

amynnixmum Sat 08-Jan-05 17:12:35

Just read this Bunglie and feel so sad and angry for you. Will definately email janh so I can see a copy of the film.

Bunglie Mon 10-Jan-05 10:00:57

Just giving this another bump so if you have your parcel you could just let me know it arrived safetly.

Amynixmum, thank you for wanting to watch the dvd, I am sure it won't be too long before one becomes free as there are now 5 in circulation!

I think Janh is doing it strictly on first come first served, so the sooner she gets your address she will pop you on the waiting list.

If the list gets too long I will get some more, but I think Janh is doing a great job keeping track and sending them out etc. Thank you Jan and to all mum's who are patiently waiting.

If you have seen it I would really appreciate reading your feelings on it, good and bad.

Love to all Bunglie XX

ionesmum Mon 10-Jan-05 10:11:13

Oh Bunglie

Beetroot Mon 10-Jan-05 10:13:28

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Mon 10-Jan-05 10:14:12

Message withdrawn

Bunglie Mon 10-Jan-05 10:20:49

I have one for you to borrow Beety, but I can order one for you if you like or you can order it yourself direct from the MAMA site HERE .

You sometimes get a load of gobledygook when you go there but it disapears if you press refresh.
Let me know if you want me to order it for you, but I can send you one now I have saved for my dd, and order another one for her as she is not yet ready to see it.

Bunglie Mon 10-Jan-05 13:51:17

Beety just got back from the hosp...a quick visit for me and all is ok
However, what I meant to say is I have checked and do not seem to have your address, can you email it to me and I will send you one you can keep
love Bunglie XX

jampots Mon 10-Jan-05 19:07:23

received mine this morning Bunglie (and Janh) thanks - watched the majority of it and the interview with Roy Meadows.

Jan is it ok to email you?

JanH Mon 10-Jan-05 20:10:38

Feel free, jampots!

JanH Mon 10-Jan-05 20:11:13

I haven't watched it yet btw, haven't had a long enough uninterrupted slot which is frustrating.

marthamoo Mon 10-Jan-05 20:21:29

Jan, have emailed you. Thanks, bunglie, for thinking of doing this.

Beetroot Tue 11-Jan-05 12:22:46

Message withdrawn

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