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trafficking in Asia

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hattynewyear Tue 04-Jan-05 13:58:44

to be honest it's not often I am shocked by the news. Moved, upset, angry, but rarely shocked. The World at One had a report today about traffickers moving in on areas of Asia affected by the tsunami, targetting orphaned children. I work for an organization where I deal with stories about all manner of horrors but surely this is about as low as you can get. What ON EARTH motivates someone like that.

suedonim Tue 04-Jan-05 15:23:26

When we lived in Indonesia there were frequent stories like this in the press, you could buy a baby for a mere $35 if you knew where to go. The more western-looking a baby was, the more money it could be sold for. I was so shocked and incredibly sad, I had no idea that sort of thing went on.

Kayleigh Tue 04-Jan-05 16:00:28

Noella Tue 04-Jan-05 16:11:29

I heard this also on BBC News 24 - there is a text stating that if you state age and sex of child required all paperwork will be provided - as simple as that - horrific

tortoiseshell Tue 04-Jan-05 16:25:06

I saw an article about a little Swedish boy who was seen in the hospitals but has now vanished, and they think may have been kidnapped by traffickers. Utterly horrific.

tortoiseshell Tue 04-Jan-05 16:26:27

here it is

Hulababy Tue 04-Jan-05 16:53:08


kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 17:40:45

OMG I hadn't heard this on the news

I can't believe that humans would do that to others and children

The families concerned have been through an awful time and then to have their surviving children taken like this

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 04-Jan-05 19:59:46

It just shows the depravity of man.

Gobbledigook Tue 04-Jan-05 20:28:15

OMG - that's horrific.

Noone can tell me there aren't 'evil' people in the world. There is no exuse.

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