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Where do I start to search for friend in Thailand?

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batey Mon 03-Jan-05 18:04:56

Not been around lately, except a little lurking. But hoping someone can help. Dh realised today his old friend could well have been in Thailand this week. He is French, but has lived in Hawaii for years. He is a tour guide for very rich bods and has a home in Kakhon Ratchasima- NE Thailand. But could have been with his tourists near the coast. Have been searching on the web but come up with nothing so far. Have also phoned the French Embassy but my schoolgirl french isn't up to working out which connection to press. Anyone any ideas?? We have tried ringing and e-mailing but everything is constantly busy.

morningpaper Mon 03-Jan-05 18:20:03

I assume you've tried his home numbers? What about his tour company? If you have his mobile then you are more likely to get through with a text.

sarahu Tue 04-Jan-05 03:38:39

the lists of those injured/dead/missing can be found at or if you go to you can do a search for names. However I don't think that any of the lists are particularly accurate to be honest

hazlinh Tue 04-Jan-05 07:33:15

you could try the international committee of the red cross' website:


batey Tue 04-Jan-05 08:52:06

Thanks for those sites. I've had a look, so far no sign of him. Hoping that's a good sign that he may have been inland. Will keep trying friends in Hawaii too. Thanks anyway.

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